Congratulations to all of the dedicated teachers who have battled so long for a fair hearing on the issue of the Piru School Charter Plan. While the war is not yet won, yesterday’s recommendation by the California Advisory Commission on Charter Schools to convert Piru’s school to a charter school is a huge step forward. The 5-2 vote of approval makes it more probable that the charter will also be approved by the California Board of Education.
I have followed this issue closely and have absolute confidence in the talented teachers who have dared to promote the charter in the face of extraordinary School District hostility. Piru residents, particularly the residents of the Rancho Sespe farm workers housing community, have been systematically lied to in an effort to destroy the charter petition. These lies will become apparent to everyone after the new charter school is opened next year. It’s just too bad this virulent, mendacious atmosphere has led to an angry split in the community. It will take a while to heal.

One question: The District hired a bus to take approximately 60 residents and teachers to Sacramento in an overnight drive for the purpose of testifying against the charter proposal. This took a lot of organization. The question? Who paid for this, with what funds, at a time when the budget is so incredibly challenged?
I envision a new Piru Charter School with a brilliant future. I predict this new school will be the envy of most school districts in Ventura County. Piru has struck a blow for independence. What could be more American?
Again, congratulations!


A local website has announced that former Fillmore Fire Chief Pete Egedi has filed lawsuits against the City of Fillmore and several other entities and individuals. However, the Gazette has not been able to corroborate this information and no one to our knowledge has as yet received any notice. Egedi will stand trial on four felony counts for embezzlement of city funds among other things. The case has dragged on for nearly two years. He is, of course, presumed innocent until proven guilty. If found guilty Egedi could serve more than four years in state prison.


I have wanted to express my opinion on President Obama’s health care law and other disasters he is ready to spring on the citizens of America. Just haven’t had the time. When I consider this man’s agenda the hair stands up on the back of my neck (as there is little left on top).

Obama is a European style socialist determined to destroy our traditional way of life. I don’t believe we will ever be able to pay-off our debts (without being victorious in war with China). Obama’s plan to cut our nuclear forces by one-third is tantamount to national suicide in the face of Communist China’s huge military build-up, Russia’s military build-up, North Korea’s insane nuclear build-up, Iran’s nuclear build-up, and the greatest increase in fanatical, anti-American terrorist groups in world history.

Barac Obama attacks the only true friend America has in the Middle East, Israel, and gives aid and comfort to all of our deadliest enemies. He is rightly recognized as a weakling by all of our experienced enemies, who connive to put America at ease with worthless paper treaties while planning to checkmate our national defense.
At every level our country’s traditional ethics, values, and Christian character is undermined by this presidential charlatan. By supporting Obama we are attempting to achieve security at the price of freedom. It has never worked. It will never work. I have to wonder what has become of the true, God-fearing, self-reliant America as we transition from a Judeo-Christian civilization to post-Christian and into neo-Pagan.
And, I’m just trying to tell you why I haven’t had time to discuss national issues. In a word, bad news is overwhelming!