There he goes again. Our president bows to Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio. Either that, or he is admiring her shoes.
It may be a little far-fetched, but I’m beginning to suspect that President Obama is afflicted with an out of control congenital condition which mimics a spring-loaded lumbar hinge which is mysteriously activated when greeting heads of just about anything. Or, maybe this reaction is triggered by a subconscious awareness that he is a preposterous charlatan, a pretender to the presidency who may be discovered at any moment, seeking sympathy.


I walked over the new Two Rivers Park area this week to see what happened to the grass. To my surprise I could find no evidence of grass ever haven been seeded. There were a few scattered clumps of wire grass, and numerous weeded areas, but not a blade seems to have survived from any seeding. This is very surprising because, even if the irrigation was badly irregular, something of the grass should have survived.


A well deserved CONGRATULATIONS to Fillmore’s Director of Public Works, Bert Rapp, for having his Water Recycling Project chosen by the County APWA as PROJECT OF THE YEAR in the Water/Wastewater category for Ventura County.

This award will be presented during the February 11 regular lunch meeting, together with a 10-minute power point provided by City Manager Yvonne Quiring.

Mr. Rapp is also to be commended for having endured, without complaint, years of withering criticism by ignorant Katzenjammers who sought to take him out of his job, as they did virtually all other top management. Bert knew what he was talking about all along, and stuck to his guns in the face of repeated, unjust attacks. For this reason the City of Fillmore now has a great, state-of-the-art water treatment plant and is no longer subject to those huge fines for non-compliance with unreasonable new mandated water standards.

A public apology is due to Mr. Rapp from all the Katzenjammers, especially from Councilwoman Gayle Washburn, Councilman Jamey Brooks, Mayor Patti Walker, and crypto-Katzenjammer (and failed former Mayor) Gary Creagle, whose false representations, ridiculous recommendations, incessant and uninformed criticisms and invincible ignorance regarding plant construction, cost the city more than a million dollars and one year’s delay of the project.