Isn’t government great?!

The Gazette just received a memo from the Census Bureau “to survey nation’s spending habits.” Please refer to this notice to the right of this editorial. Note especially the second part of the survey, where “12,500 households will be asked to keep two consecutive one-week diaries of smaller, more frequent purchases that may be difficult for respondents to recall later (such as a…soda or candy bar…)”

No doubt the Bureau will find 12,500 fools who will do just that.

Where in the Constitution does the government find the power to intrude itself into the minutest parts of a citizen’s life?!

American citizens have become electoral sheep – and their shepherd is a diabolical wolf. My words are too strong? I don’t think so, if you take a stand from the traditional Christian point of view. From that point we see a fairly un-Christian president (spiritual director: Rev. Wright and his “G.. Damn America” congregation) who has invited into government some of the most loathsome, devious, and dangerous people ever to associate with an American chief of state. And the government wants to take charge of our health care!


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