April 10, 2024

Hello, Kelly. Welcome back; welcome also, Patti:

I’m still adjusting to our new computer-writing program. I hate it already (but may adapt)! For example, the old program’s spell check had one key. The new program has morphed from that beautiful simplicity to an arena called “Editing”, and to a heading called “EDITOR” which introduces “Corrections” (spelling and grammar), and “Refinements” “Clarity, Conciseness, Formality, Inclusiveness, Punctuation Conventions, Resume, Sensitive Geopolitical References, Vocabulary”, Etc. “Similarity:” “Insights” Document “stats.” Lastly, “Feedback- tell us what you think about EDITOR.”
Answer: Questions remain. For example, it promotes that enfeebling WOKE concept of “inclusiveness”, which is just another word for clutter. It is rumored there was a special AI “conscience key” designed for Democratic Party leaders, which activated a buzzer when a lie was detected, in a (futile) attempt to keep them honest. This innovation was removed from
inventory due to incessant buzzing.


A response to Kelly Scoles’ letter:

Hi, Kelly:

Just an opening note. I am repelled by any inappropriate reference to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. If Trump participates in this sort of sacrilege, I do not hesitate to condemn it. I am not embarrassed or shy about defending my Christian religion, which is Roman Catholic. With few exceptions, I always defend others as well, though I condemn Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill’s praise in support of Putin’s Ukrainian war. I pity atheists, agnostics, and those who do not believe in eternity. I guess life on earth for these folks amounts to something like “Well, I was born here, as all my ancestors were. We just sort of come together, live for various lengths of time, join in human activities, good and bad, then we just disappear.” Doesn’t make sense to me.


As to the criminal charges brought against Trump, they are evidence of the demise of American jurisprudence, a mockery of the rule of law. I don’t just disagree with what so many judges, DAs, AJs, and their minions have done to the law in America, I firmly believe that our Constitutional system has fallen into the hands of enemies of the Republic.


Trump’s “increasing his use of dehumanizing (“they’re animals”) and darkly apocalyptic language” are expressions of that rarest of political commodities, truth. Israel was attacked by “animals” who murdered, tortured, mutilated and kidnapped 1,400 innocent partygoers on November 7th , 2023. What they did to women was Devilish. His speaking about monstrous weapons and an “Oppenheimer-like doomsday” are not fantastical descriptions or a “wallowing in fear, doom, threat, and violence.” Normal people, during normal times, should never live in fear. But reasonable people should be fearful, if that fear motivates intelligent preparation against serious threats to life and freedom – as do China, Russia, etc.
In America’s case, there is strong expert military consensus identifying post-Soviet Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, and numerous smaller Islamic theocracies, as “imminent” threats to Western civilization. Israel, and America in particular, are vulnerable, rated “very weak,” on defense; unprepared to defend themselves on two fronts simultaneously, now even questionable on a single front fight. As for myself, I have great confidence in particular relevant Marion apparitions approved in the Catholic Church, which agree with military assessments. I’m aware of the sharp skepticism expressed by unbelievers. This is no surprise; it has never been otherwise. As a thoroughly personal matter, I believe we are most vulnerable this year. I am certainly not some sort of prophet! I’m also not a pessimist. I’m just a conservative, traditional Catholic writing as a realist, scrutinizing pertinent facts as I can see them. In the present case, both the best military estimates and the apparitions agree. Whether you agree as well, or not, is irrelevant. The facts will out, as the Bard has said.

The news from Washington today is dire relative to Ukraine (even Israel!). Congress, especially Republicans, have turned against our best friends. We are betraying them, and we will pay dearly for this betrayal. Israel is the last hope for democracy in the Middle East. Ukraine is the last hope for peace in Europe.
This is a time of diluted democracy and the absence of a strategic Western goal. We’re into the playoffs without a game plan. The bulwarks against fascism, communism, terrorist Jihadism, and just plain crime, are Israel and Ukraine. Without them – Kraken.