The events speeding up the approach of global war should now be obvious to everyone. Many would mark the beginning when Russia attacked the nation of Georgia in 2008. Russia just took what they wanted, and still retains 20% of Georgia's land. Russia was scolded by the West for its bloody aggression, but nothing was done.

Then we have Russia's annexation of Crimea on 18 March 2014. By 24 March 2014 it was completed. Again, NATO and the Free World did nothing but scold. Putin was just being naughty, again.

So, no one should have been surprised when Russia's appetite, aroused again for an easy meal, finally focused on the whole of Ukraine. When you facilitate a serial killer, you will get more murder. From Putin's point of view this would simply be another scalp for his imperial coup stick - another virtually uncontested weekend war.

However, as tyrants typically do, he overplayed his hand. Though the Free World again howled with indignation, they did very little when it counted most. NATO did not unequivocally tell the world that it would back Ukraine to actually win the war. Instead, NATO promised only nebulous support for Ukraine for "as long as it takes." The problem here is that NATO is not in command of time; if help is needed immediately, help at a time uncertain is insufficient - "for want of a nail the war may be lost."

Our national defense, with its famous "military industrial complex" is proving to be a Potemkin-like fraud. We are abandoning Ukraine in the middle of the fight because our government lacks a strategic objective. We lack effective leadership at a time when nuclear war is imminent. Ukraine's military is superb; despite being out-gunned and out-manned 10-to-1, they have destroyed a third of the vaunted Russian Black Sea fleet and nearly 300,000 enemy soldiers. Our lack of a strategic objective concerning Israel is identical to that of Ukraine. Both wars must be won or Western civilization will collapse into an Eastern Islamo-Communist nightmare. It's a sort of demonic challenge multiplied by the billions, with Communist China, N. Korea, post-Soviet Russia, and Islamic theocracies.

Our enemies in this swiftly glowering war cloud are seeking this war. They, Russia, China, N. Korea, Iran, and other Islamic forces, justify it as an exceptional opportunity; the Western powers are greedy, weak, degenerate, and unable to see the immediate danger facing them. This situation will clearly not end with a whimper. It will end with hypersonic nuclear missile bangs, due to enemy overreach, frustration, and miscalculation. On the enemy side, this will be the greatest pyrrhic victory in human history. (Just my humble, unhappy, inexpert opinion)

I cannot write about a happy future when all I see ahead is confusion, chaos, and war. Our present administration has spent three years assuring this outcome, which at least half the American citizenship refuse to acknowledge. Mesmerized, we watch 10-million illegal aliens (hundreds of thousands dedicated terrorists) flood across our borders with impunity - and do nothing. Expecting nothing? Inexplicably, our president has facilitated hundreds of thousands more by plane. Our military is being attacked in Syria as we do nothing. Our industries are not on a war footing, ie: making planes, bombs, and drones in meaningful numbers. Our support for Ukraine and Israel is waning, as Biden attempts to instruct Israel on warfighting. We have forgotten that 90 percent of assistance to Ukraine goes into US war industries, not in cash to Ukraine.

Listen to retired General Ben Hodges! If it were not for his recent anti-Trump opinion (I see no realistic option to Trump in this emergency) I would wish him in as V.P. Absent that possibility, why don't we ever hear of Mike Pompeo? He lead the CIA when it was honorable, the State Department as well. He is a brilliant, quintessential leader, of sterling moral character.

(Note: Too much stuff; too little time.)