A response to Pat Collins' letter:

Hi Pat,

I fully embrace my "responsibility" to tell the truth regardless of consequences. I always expect to be challenged on alleged facts. But today I think naïveté weakens your challenge.

Trump deserves treble damages for the defamatory blitzkrieg he has endured from Democrats and their Deep State minions since he won the presidency. But if we are to use "Barnum" in the same sentence with Trump, let's be fair. The Smithsonian tells us he was a slave-owning Democrat."But by then [Civil War] I was a Democrat—one of those nondescript Democrats, who are Northern men with Southern principles." He also won a seat, as a Democrat, on the Connecticut General Assembly in 1865. There is a parallel here; however, while Barnum fooled gullible Americans, Biden continues to do so, but on an exponentially larger scale. And that's a fact.

The kraken-like body of criminal evidence on Joe Biden should, by now, terrify every Democrat loyalist, as well as right-thinking American citizen. The evidence, you might say, is prima facie beyond any conceivable doubt. Reasonable people should be astonished at the scope of criminal treachery that legal operatives like: U. S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, Judge Arthur Engoron, Attorney General Letitia James, District attorney Fani Willis, Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade, Judge Juan Merchan, Judge Tanya Chutkan, Special Counsel Jack Smith, District Attorney Alvin Bragg, and Andrew A. Weissmann -- treacherous Deep State Democrat minions - cause. So much for "equal justice under law”. More than one Fani needs to be kicked out of our legal system here. Having to witness and endure the machinations of this Star Chamber gang forces an indelible contempt for today's brand of law. The felons control the bench! Hamilton was wrong in Federalist No. 78, when he says, "the judiciary branch is the weakest because it has no influence over either the sword or the may truly be said to have neither force nor will, but merely judgment". But corrupt judicial judgment can annihilate the Republic, as the above judicial felons are doing.

Trumped-up charges include 44 federal charges and 47 state charges, all of them felonies, including racketeering charges in Georgia.
A response to Kelly Scoles' letter:
Hey Kelly, we've had the Golden Gloves for a long time, why not Golden Shoes?
I will avoid responding to your second paragraph allegations because they are ridiculous in themselves and frantically delivered.

About "negotiation and compromise", some issues cannot be compromised, like the question of legality in the Russian war against Ukraine, with a total number of deaths approaching a half-million, forced emigration in the millions, and destruction of hospitals, schools, and living spaces in near millions. Russia is, again, evil, Ukraine innocent. This is a classic Natural Law question, as well as civil and criminal. America has a duty to help Ukraine and should separate the congressional bills between our border emergency and our Ukraine emergency; both emergencies caused by Democratic Party policies. We will, very soon, find out how infinitely more expensive it will be for Americans, in blood and money, when our abandonment of Ukraine facilitates WWIII. It's way past time for America to "get religion."
Conservatives place "a woman's reproductive health" at the highest priority - right up there with the right to life itself with all little preborn boys and girls. There's nothing so beautiful as a newborn baby. Let's preserve the health of both mother and baby.

No sane American "extols" Putin, but Biden has traded with the enemy for millions from Putin's Russia, as well as communist China and a half-dozen other foreign enemies.

America was a "Christian nation" from the beginning - that's a fact. St. Agustine, Florida, "The longest continually inhabited European-founded city in the United States – more commonly called the "Nation's Oldest City." "St. Augustine, Florida was settled by [Catholic] Spanish explorers long before Jamestown and the Plymouth Colony."
No more time.