Welcome back, Patti Walker, Pat Collins, and Kelly Scoles. It's great to confront so many opinions freely and publically. Look what happens when this is attempted in Putin's Russia, North Korea, Iran, or communist China - all slave states. God bless America, where a person can call the president a liar, thief, and a traitor, without being shot, poisoned, imprisoned in Siberia, or thrown from a high-rise building. Too bad our Congress rejects Ukraine's right to continue to enjoy these same freedoms.

As usual, time and space are scarce this week. I may have to cut back a little.

Hello Patti Walker. Very nice to hear from you again. Thanks for reminding us that Senator Ted Cruz tried to get H.R.2 through the Senate, which would have essentially fixed the border scandal, but was defeated by Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer who would not bring the bill to the floor. Remember also, Schumer was the radically liberal guy who publicly threatened two Supreme Court Justices (a felony) for their conservative voting.

Hello again, Kelly Scoles. Well, Kelly, I don't think your Monopoly Man monocle example of a "Mandela Effect" is valid. Most people know it's the Peanut Man with the monocle, and Mickey Mouse wore button-down pants, before he transitioned.
You ask, "But what is it called when people hear something of consequence but dismiss it?" We might mention here the infamous "Biden Effect" where he "never partnered with son Hunter", and the laptop was proven to be "Russian disinformation" by 50 former intelligence officers.

Trump's anger over NATO's general failure to provide the promised 2 percent of GNP for defense is an understandable hyperbolic reaction. Except for a couple of NATO states, most have been delinquent for years. The one million promised 155mm artillery rounds have not been delivered, while North Korea is reported to have delivered three million rounds to Russia. This failure to deliver is killing Ukraine.

Any Trump expression of approval for Putin, as far as I'm concerned, is wrong under any circumstances. Putin, in my opinion, is a miniature antichrist. He's possessed; and that's all I have to say about that, as a Judeo-Christian.
Tucker Carlson facing Putin acted like a little boy, too timid to ask the important questions. In his ignorance, Carlson has savagely insulted President Zelenskyy, even calling him a "rat". Carlson was, I agree, "pathetically sycophantic”. I'm no longer a fan. Putin certainly does know "how [conveniently] gullible half the American electorate is". Naive thinking like this sickens me; the deadliest American cultural weakness. I recall, with disgust, sentimental stupidity in President George Bush's remarks about Putin: " “I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy,”... “I was able to get a sense of his soul." Americans in general don't understand the satanic danger in communism. I grew up having received a strong sense of this deadly reality from my schooling. This is no longer taught; we've become utterly naive. Communism is pure evil, the greatest murdering machine of all time to date; never to be trusted. Seeking treaties of trust with communist regimes is a fool's errand, in which Americans specialize, never seeming to learn.

Hello Jean McLeod:

I apologize for so little space this week. Thanks for contributing. I can only say that I agree with your point of view completely. Write in again!

I believe that if Ukraine loses to Russia World War III will erupt. Indeed, I think it has begun. America is beginning to abandon Ukraine, and possibly Israel. Both nations are strong allies of this country, as are Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines. Stop calling China a mere "adversary"! It is a self-declared "enemy" who has thoroughly infiltrated America; 400,000 PRC students in US colleges and universities; 22,000 illegal Chinese crossed the southern border in the past few months. The Chinese are buying-up US farmland in hundreds of thousands of acres, near military bases. I have the greatest respect for Chinese people. I have no respect for the Chinese Communist Party - our greatest military threat.


UKRAINE: Just learned that Ukraine (out-gunned 10-1) has retreated from the city of Avdiivka, fought over for months. They ran out of ammo. So much for our promise to assist "as long as it takes." I'm beginning to hate Republicans as well as Democrats. Now we will soon begin to pay the Russian piper directly, with our blood. While we are thinking about defending Taiwan, and NATO, as well as Israel (all in jeopardy), we will be shocked to see our own military unreadiness. Our weakness is betraying all of our friends. Go back and read the brilliant paper from Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA): (h It's Costing Peanuts for the US to Defeat Russia. (Nov 18, 2022) Ukraine has lost 300,000 men and most of its infrastructure defending against Russia, with millions having to emigrate, emigration being the enemy's most effective, non-kinetic weapon today. Let's hear it for Sanctuary Cities, Counties, and States! (Had to patch this in as Ukraine may now be losing to Russia, thanks to our betrayal.)

Those who oppose assisting Ukraine and/or Israel are too dangerous and/or stupid to be in Congress. The deliberate collapse of our borders is an emergency situation. The possible defeat of Ukraine is also an emergency. That Israel may have to nuke Iran, causes alarms to sound. These things will force us into war - one, world-wide, the other civil, facilitated by our treacherous Fourth Estate.

I feel like I'm re-living a grotesque reversal of a 1950s movie matinee moment, when the cartoons ended with a Disney musical climax and announcement: "That's all folks!"