Well, I'm pleased to see that I may be busier than that three-legged tap dancer on ice responding to both newcomer, Pat Collins, and my liberal veteran opponent, Kelly Scoles. Let the games begin!

I would just ask my debate opponents, and myself as well, to respect "Ockham's razor" and keep things simple. I don't have space to respond to a flood of personal attack adjectives, which may not be factual. But I do not hesitate to characterize Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas as a supercilious ass deserving a supreme Mike Tyson punch in the face every time he launches a lie (but that would be mortally redundant), because it's true. I know that conservatives and liberals perceive reality differently, but there is only one reality, so man cannot "transition" to woman, there are no extraterrestrials, and demons are real. Making contrary claims doesn't elevate a lie to the status of truth.

With another reality, that of imminent war on my mind, I'm going to shorten my responses this week to unload my concerns.
(Note): Having serious tech problems. Hope I can finish this column.

Just a couple of random answers to Kelly's and Pat's letters:

I call the immigration bill an "abomination" because it permits the continued flow of illegal immigration, and child sex slavery by Mexican drug lords, continued flood of fentanyl, terrorist infiltration , and creation of new illegal alien gangs (NY). The sheer volume of illegal masses infecting the Republic as never before, didn't dissuade Democrats from permitting thousands more. Common sense should be sufficient for most people to understand this threat. You (Pat) see this as a "treasure trove" of low wage, easily abused labor for Republicans? That's clearly slanderously false. Thank God traitorous Mayorkas was finally impeached! Now, let's hope the Senate has the guts and virtue to convict and kick him aside. This can't happen though because he does Biden's bidding regardless. Even among notoriously corrupt Democrats, Mayorkas is a most insufferable liar.

America has many defense challenges; the two greatest are military readiness, and a Trojan Horse Democrat boarder policy which will end our sovereignty soon if not stopped. Democrats are all in for a permanent Republic-killing supermajority - not good for democracy.

I have to divert the discussion to the national defense peril we are confronted with at this time. It is unparalleled in America's history. I've been surveying the expert military opinion concerning Free World military readiness and it is beyond alarming. European nations admit they are unprepared to defend against Russian attack. Throw in Communist China and North Korea, as well as Muslim Iran and its many minions, and hear that, except for Poland and Finland, we couldn't last more than a year after any coordinated attack. This is not a conclusion spouted by my unprofessional self. This is a near universal admission by NATO. South Korea and Taiwan are no better off.

Common sense alone tells us that such a worldwide conflict can be expected this year. Fanciful talk of being ready in a few years is just suicidal nonsense. Having a mentally deficient Commander-in-Chief, and a silly political floozy for vice-president, only heightens the threat by absentee leadership, and invites the wolfish instincts of our anti-Judeo-Christian enemies. Our government is too historically naive to understand the common evil of our enemies. This struggle is primarily spiritual.

I don't have time this week to talk about the immediate weakness in NATO, especially France, England, Italy, and the Baltics. Russia is the immediate threat. NATO has no army of its own, only a poorly coordinated group of small national units, underfunded and unready. The Free World has never before been threatened by so many nuclear enemies, and fake friends.

Both Ukraine and Israel must be supported in time or America will be unable to help either its European or Asian allies, while defending itself at home. Don't rely on my opinion, read what NATO leaders are admitting today. It doesn't help my negative world view that all those Marian Apparitions and warnings exactly coincide with NATO warnings and the growing strength of the enemy’s readiness.

Who wants to be the one who, while standing in the glowing, irradiated cinders of New York City, can somehow signal "I told you so!"

"At 7:58 a.m., Lt. Cmdr. Logan Ramsey, who was in the Ford Island command center, ordered the message to be sent out that would resonate through history: “AIR RAID, PEARL HARBOR. THIS IS NOT A DRILL."