Well, Bob Stroh has condescended to offer a “correction” to the statement which he read to the Fillmore City Council December 14. His “correction” in part reads: “…The owner of the Fillmore Gazette did not say that I had a favorite abortion clinic; my apologies to him and the council members. With that exception, however, I stand behind my statement in its entirety.”

Thank you, Bob. I accept your apology, and wish you a Merry Christmas.

Now, if you would only explain what on earth caused you to make such a bizarre statement? In fairness, maybe you should read your “correction” aloud from the dais for the benefit of the TV viewers?


Speaking of Christmas, a few quick examples of American culture’s decent into anti-Christian, neo pagan anarchy.

I stopped by two large booksellers in Valencia this past week. Over the years I have spent many dollars in each. For a long time haunting bookstores was a major weekly social event for me. A longstanding complaint of mine was the often brain-grinding “music” they played throughout the stores. Complaints did no good and I would often cut my usual shopping hours to minutes, leaving my armload of books on a table and then just walk out.

I finally became fed-up with both the parking inconvenience and the highly distracting noise which corporate suits thought passed for music. Corporate executives are often deaf, dumb, and blind.

First, I visited Barnes & Nobel. I hadn’t been there in a long time. The “music” was so bad (terrible lyrics, and the voice had been electronically manipulated to sound as though it were coming from a carpenter’s saw – very wavy) that I asked a manager to please change the CD. I received the same answer I have received over many years, “I’m sorry. There’s nothing we can do about it. It’s controlled by corporate”.

I reminded the lady that it was Christmas, and that such “music” was offensive; why not put some beautiful Christmas music on? There was no sympathy for my request, just another bland “I’m sorry”. I left the store.
Shortly thereafter I entered Borders, for which I have carried a “business and professional services” card for many years. They were also playing garbage “music”. I had a cup of coffee, prepared to make a couple of purchases, got impatient with the “music” and waiting in line, then left, just in time to be recognized by the alarm bell as I exited the store.

I have no doubt that both stores deliberately shun Christmas as the second most important Christian celebration, and as a national holiday. However, they bend over backwards to facilitate sales, with Christmas wrappings, etc., to celebrate the secular holiday. It’s all about Santa instead of Jesus.

I no longer shop at any retail establishment that refuses to celebrate Christmas as Christmas and not just another holiday.

The American secular, and political, anti-Christian groups are in the ascendency today. They have majority control over government, the media, and our commercial economy. Just this morning I heard over the radio that the California Assembly had approved a holiday to honor the late Harvey Milk. What were his accomplishments you might ask? He was a San Francisco supervisor, one of two murdered by a third supervisor who had quit his job and wanted it back. But he is being honored because he was openly homosexual. Every resident of the State of California is now forced to honor someone for his/her sexual proclivity, the same conduct that for 5,000 years of Judeo-Christian history has been divinely condemned in the strongest terms. The outrage here is that “honor” is being paid to deviant behavior, not for honorable accomplishments. I’m sure many persons who happen to have been homosexual, have been properly honored in the past for their accomplishments, but not for thier personal sexual preferences.

Barack Obama awarded Milk the Presidential Medal of Freedom this year as well. As twisted as this is, it can be understood if we consider that Obama’s spiritual inspiration comes from the “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright, who touts himself as a Christian hater of whites, Jews, Catholics, etc. Why not do the same for Eleanor Roosevelt for her lesbianism, instead of her social work?

While we’re in the cultural scrap pit, let’s pause for a moment and understand that Congress will soon vote on the abominable health care bill which forces everyone to pay taxes for abortions. The vote will occur on CHRISTMAS EVE! I guess our “leaders” have forgotten that Christmas became a national holiday in recognition of the fact that Jesus Christ was BORN on Christmas day. What an obnoxious and sacrilegious act to use this sacred time to vote in a bill which will promote the continuance of the slaughter of millions more innocent children.
Where are the voices? Where is the Judeo-Christian expression of outrage for these several blasphemies?