A response to Kelly Scoles' letter:

Hi Kelly,

Just to be up front with you, Kelly, I hate anything that looks like a secret world financial demigod; and they are all over the place. I recall when Black Rock touted control of $10 trillion dollars (since, down a little); and then there're outfits like Freemasons, the Bavarian Illuminati, Skull and Bones (regret Bill Buckley and at least one Bush were members) and Bilderberg. These are the uberhumans who think of themselves as God's subcontractors. F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote that, "The rich are different from you and me” and his friend Ernest Hemingway supposedly retorted, “Yes, they have more money.” Weirdly, these are the only words I remember from Fitzgerald, but they fit here. Wealth unnaturally elevates the human ego; pocket change can even grow to monstrous proportions like Mammon. I guess that's why we have a Fear and Greed Index; Greed can drive us like a Rockefeller or Carnegie while a recession or depression stunts the growth. While billionaires are a dime a dozen today, some will exhaust themselves to become the first trillionaire. But even the trillionaire is a relative pauper compared to the self-made dictator who owns his own country and all of its inhabitants. His riches are self-perpetuating, at least for a term of life, almost like Midas and Scrooge McDuck, because he prints his own money, determines its value, and the value of his dominated subjects. Remember Zimbabwe's central bank allowed its citizens to exchange the country's almost worthless currency for US dollars. Its $100-trillion-dollar note [was] worth just 40 U.S. cents. He [Robert Mugabe] also played at being his own god, like China's Xi, Russia's Putin and North Korea's Kim Jong Un, demigods all, soon to face their true God, without saving face.

My apologies for the digression. I hope you are not too surprised to learn that I am also concerned about the extraordinary absence of financial justice throughout the world today. I have to be careful to avoid being called a "communist" for questioning our balance sheet. The unfairness is outrageous, and abuse is rife. A quick example of abuse on the Democratic Party side can be seen in the $400 million gift by Zuckerberg to Democratic Party brokers in the last presidential election. Just think of that sum and ask if it influenced the outcome of the election. Who else could match it? Bottom line for me, every gainfully employed man should be able to buy a house, as was possible only a few decades ago.

So, Kelly, I'm going to have to chicken-out and remain mum about the solutions I lack to remedy this serious problem. I do know, however, that I would avoid at all costs any proposal proffered by anyone even remotely smelling like a Biden. That man is a liar and a traitor, whose actions, with Barack Obama, may well precipitate the end of America as we have known her for 248 years. As for Abigail Disney and Valerie Rockefeller, a much simpler and faster solution to the problem they raise is available; why not simply have all people of "extreme wealth" gift a generous portion of their cash overflow to the country coffers, without forgetting struggling weekly newspapers? With an almost lascivious greed infecting the remnants of our national virtue, time is not on our side. I don't suggest this in jest. But wait! We could lower inflation from 9-percent under Biden, to 2-percent as under Trump, and pay the worker a living wage. Maybe then we can return to 10-cents for a cup of coffee (with free refills) and $50,000 for a modest house, like it was in my 30s.
If Democratic Party efforts to secure our borders provide a clue to future events, we may also have to return to a barter system, which worked so well for millennia.


Kelly, I have to confess that today I'm fixated on war and have almost no interest in politics, except as it relates to war. Many well-informed people tell me that the momentum of WW3 is leaning against America and that we will soon be caught unprepared. They say that if we abandon Ukraine and Israel for the foolishness of things like climate change, "social justice" confusion, and crazy transgender obsessions, we will be fatally challenged by our enemies. The U.S. is about 5 years late in preparing for war, and NATO is just awakened to the imminent threat of nuclear attack by a coalition of well-prepared Russian, Muslim, and Asian enemies.

Remember those empty store shelves during the pandemic? China has announced another biological which it brags of being 100-percent fatal, which is the pinnacle of success for biological terrorists. And what is the western mindset today? NATO assured Russia a while ago that it would not employ nuclear retaliation if it nuked Ukraine; instead, NATO would use pinpoint conventional attacks on all Russian positions. So, a rational enemy may well just take advantage of notorious Western naiveté with a nuclear Blitzkrieg. Why should Russia, et al, undertake a long war (like Ukraine) when it could win a short one with a surprise nuclear attack?

Trying to argue the obvious gives me a headache.