A response to Kelly Scoles' letter:

Happy New Year, Kelly!

Now hear this, there are no "misstatements" in those first two paragraphs. Any "nuisances" you allude to are actually well documented facts which a careless reader might find to be a nuisance.
I have a beef with both Republicans and Democrats on the issue of military assistance to Ukraine. Ignorant congressional members from both houses have no idea of the importance of having Ukraine win this war. Though the US has provided many billions of dollars for Ukraine's defense, as a superb article explains (It's Costing Peanuts for the US to Defeat Russia; Center for European Policy Analysis), allowing Ukraine to lose the war guarantees further, massive Russian aggression at infinitely greater cost. Read that analysis; it is clearly correct. I challenge you to refute its conclusions.


On the issue of General Charles Q. Brown, our newest and "highest-ranking officer in the United States Armed Forces, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and primary adviser in military matters to the President, Department of Defense, Homeland Security Council, and the National Security Council", is a flaming Woke wonder. (See "General Brown – Too many red flags to be CJCS, July, 2023, by Scott Sturman. Scott Sturman is the president of the USAFA Class of 1972.)
Brown's appointment is a strategic blunder which magnifies our existing military disabilities.

As Sturman points out, "The United States military's reputation and mission readiness are in free fall, and diversity, equity, and inclusion programs (DEI), which pervade the armed services, bear much of the blame. General Brown supports, promotes, and defends DEI passionately and unapologetically. Plunging enlistments, declining public trust and confidence in the highest echelons of command, lowering physical fitness and aptitude standards, and plummeting military power ratings are the result of these self-inflicted wounds."

Brown's pathetic attempt to answer Senate Armed Forces Committee hearing questions (see Senator Schmitt) shows a racist mentality. He urges that candidates for pilot training be apportioned by racial percentage. He recommends a reduction of white officers by 9-percent (accordingly, 5,400 are too many). Yes, it is nuts. Sturman continues: "General Brown represents DEI in euphemistic terms that are palatable to the public and allude to fairness and equal opportunity. But DEI has deep Marxist roots based on critical theories, where merit is minimized, and power structures are based on identity, oppression, and racism. It is a stealth weapon devised by academics that breeds conformity of thought, marginalizes members of organizations solely due to superficial characteristics, and engenders favoritism. The Air Force faces a 2000 pilot deficit, but General Brown's priority is not focused on this crucial concern but rather the racial and sexual distribution of the pilots he commands."

Well, Kelly, I have "counted you in" as Woke. But that doesn't give you a pass to ignore or deny facts. You say "General Brown did NOT say there were 'too many white people in the Air Force."' But Senator Schmitt verified that fact by reading a memo signed by Brown which says exactly that, and Brown is notoriously scrupulous about his "unwavering support of identity-based quotas and DEI imperatives is sufficient to justify and rationalize the purge of the depleted pilot corps of competent aviators that is composed of too many white males."

I've already classified Generals Milley and Secretary of Defense. Lloyd J. Austin III as the Bozo Brothers for their cowardice in abandoning Afghanistan. They quietly handed the Taliban the largest, most heavily armed airbase (Bagram) in Afghanistan, and stole away in the night. They were fearful of losing their jobs if they insisted on telling truth to power about that insane decision. I add General Brown to my military ensemble of feeble Woksters, performing as the Bozo Triplets. Brown remains a danger to US military cohesion and efficiency as we ease into WWIII.

We have allowed Woke racial and political "clericalism" to erode our defense forces. This has not happened in the enemy's ranks, where they continue to rely on the ancient anti-Judeo-Christian Holocaust, which responds as a natural consequence of our atheistic enfeeblement.

The farther America moves away from her Judeo-Christian God and His ordinances, the closer she comes to disaster. Those who are unable to see the onslaught arising in the Ukraine-Israel wars, which will overwhelm the entire West in months, are blind. My concern is that blindness infects America's government, while timidity infects her policies.
We are unprepared to meet our obligations to ourselves and to our allies - and the enemy is in the wire.

Again, Happy New Year!