My hearty welcome to our newly appointed Mayor, Carrie Broggie, Mayor Pro-Tem Chris Gurrola, and a thank you to outgoing former Mayor, Mark Austin. Mark did a truly spectacular job, and Carrie has always done an exemplary job for our town.

A response to Kelly Scoles' letter:

Hi Kelly,

This week I'm doing my best to take you seriously, but it's a struggle. It doesn't seem fair to me. Here I am having to plod through the tangle of historic facts, assisted only by logic and common sense, while you get to gallivant through a parallel universe of political fiction faster than a three-legged tap-dancer on ice.
If you slow down a bit, I'll try to catch up and then maybe we can both address the same slippery facts.
They're only slippery because you don't seem to accept them. Let's take one step at a time, and start at the beginning, because that's a logical place to start.

I "misrepresented" nothing. Biden and his Woke liberal minions have dangerously enfeebled our military. Anyone with knowledge of military affairs, preferably someone who has spent some years in the ranks, knows that America's military forces today suffer from damaged esprit de corps, readiness, even honor in the highest ranks (Generals Milley and Austin). Milley admitted he made "two calls to Gen. Li Zuocheng of the People's Liberation Army to assure him that the United States was not going to suddenly go to war with or attack China." Sep 28, 2021- behind his Commander in Chief's back; an astonishing act of treason. Both Milley and Austin signed-off on the Afghanistan surrender, knowing that was insanely wrong. And, of course, both invited Transgender recruits.

Kelly, you challenge my statement concerning the Biden administration's warning of a possible end of assistance to Ukraine and Israel. Joe may personally wish to continue this help, but his National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan stated, "We're running out of money, and we are nearly out of time". Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel are all in critical need of money while the U.S. squanders on climate concerns and LGBTQ assistance (billions) and Trans experiments.

Your allegations of Republican responsibility for now, 8-million unvetted strangers flowing into the US is hyper preposterous, unworthy of an answer. Sufficient to say that at least 100,000 terrorists are among the trespassers - and they will attack us soon. Democrats have willed this to happen.

You are disgusted that Senator Tuberville won't take a call from four-star general - Secretary of Defense Austin [on promotions], and you worry about "readiness"? As mentioned above, he and Milley are cowards who signed-off on the Afghanistan surrender, because they didn't have the balls to resign in protest after Biden and the Obamanations ordered the surrender of Bagram air base and $80 BILLION in war equipment - handed to the Taliban! "The U.S. left Afghanistan's Bagram Airfield after nearly 20 years by shutting off the electricity and slipping away in the night without notifying the base’s new Afghan commander, who discovered the Americans' departure more than two hours after they left, Afghan military officials said." (AP) After Biden's personal treason, this was the most shameful action ever taken by military commanders in American history. Justice here would recognize Milley and Austin traitors. Remember: "The American war in Afghanistan incurred staggering costs — for the United States, Afghans and others — over two decades. The U.S. government spent $2.3 trillion, and the war led to the deaths of 2,324 U.S. military personnel, 3,917 U.S. contractors and 1,144 allied troops. Nov 3, 2022."

You praise "sensitivity training" for combat troops. Never owned a pair of knickers, Kelly. Maybe it's time military feminists who promote this crap hang-up their jock straps. There are no knickers in the 82nd, at least there weren't 60 years ago. They despised any hint of femininity, as their famously ribald two-part chants demonstrated through company ranks on early morning runs. Those men loved and respected women, but recognized the distaff side could have no part in their sort of work. Those chants had zero respect for race or gender, or effeminacy, and men from many ethnic backgrounds and foreign nations, participated with intensity. Each chant was a deliberate insult to ....civilians, enemy nations, or other services. The purpose was to breed fear in any enemy, leaving any idea of "nice" behind. If a target was missed on the range, it was known as Maggie's drawers (white flag). Life was filled with an almost sacred tradition of strength and brotherhood.

Kelly, that "normal, healthy, God-fearing man" I spoke of is today a dying member of the American populous - to the great danger of all beloved female members. A man is a fool for disrespecting women; he's also a fool for forgetting self-respect. Incidentally, I have the greatest respect for two female sniper groups, fighting in Ukraine and Israel. They are a team of heroes, famed for their spectacular success. Both groups exist because both of their countries are fighting for their lives. God bless both of them. But they are the extreme exception, in the greatest of emergencies. Women have had, and will always maintain, a special and specially protected status in the world - with stark exception in China and Muslim nations.

That sensitivity training with the high heels, even pregnancy garments, are demeaning to servicemen. Sexual assault is always criminal; it's also condemned by natural law. All normal men have a genetic disposition to protect the special dignity of women, to the point of risking their lives to do so. This is also fundamental Judeo-Christian tradition. The best book, my opinion, on these issues is: Co-Ed Combat, by Kingsley Browne.
Kelly, your ignorance concerning Hunter Biden and his traitorous, criminal father and family, shows you are uninterested in discovering evil.

Joe Biden, under the close direction of his keepers, may well cause the end of our Republic. Each of his policies drastically undermines our security and weakens our economy, as if that has been his goal. He's joined at the hip with Barack Obama, as they gleefully oversee the "Rebuilding of America".
Of course, to accomplish that, they must first tear it all down.