The reality of America's military enfeeblement under the Biden administration was confirmed this week. "We’re running out of money, and we are nearly out of time,” Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters. He was referring to our war support for Ukraine. He was also displaying a state of panic to our enemies, preparing to betray a sacred trust. To say that we will support Ukraine "for as long as it takes", expresses foolish naiveté, taking for granted that such time is available.
With another friend, Israel, also fighting a defensive war against Muslim terrorists, only the blind can fail to see the looming threat now facing America. Sullivan’s comments came after Office of Management and Budget Director Shalanda Young warned House Speaker Mike Johnson that “cutting off the flow of U.S. weapons and equipment will kneecap Ukraine on the battlefield..." not only putting at risk the gains Ukraine has made but increasing the likelihood of Russian military victories."
Focusing closer on the peril, "Poland's national security agency estimates that Russia could attack NATO in less than 36 months...." "To strengthen the region's defense capabilities, he voiced his support for increasing the size of the Polish military." "If we want to avoid war, NATO countries on the eastern flank should adopt a shorter, three-year time period to prepare for confrontation," said Jacek Siewiera head of the National Security Bureau.
They (we) are just about 5 years too late in providing necessary preparation. In fact, the West lacks sufficient munitions to win a two-war conflict, because we didn't prepare, and are not preparing now. But that's not the entire threat. We face a multi-war fight, all together. America's continued existence is at risk, with Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea all eager to pounce, with nuclear intensity, on the "Great Satan." Other enemies of America, like Iran, Syria, and pretend friends like Turkey, Pakistan, et al., would quickly invest in World War III when they see the US haplessly wobbling. The reality, virtually all Muslim nations would (will) help to finally put the "Great Satan" down. Muslim nations alone constitute something like 26 percent of the world's population - and hate western culture, Christians and Jews especially. This is a fact, unpleasant as it may be.
I fear the incompetence of our military leadership. They have been politicized by the Woke Left and have subverted our armed forces - too many generals are a joke. Too much feminization, Transgendering, "Queer" tolerance, Climate Change Indoctrination, and scuttling of urinals on warships without portholes. Our enemies see these things and think us contemptuous. They wonder why our male troops are forced to wear high heel shoes in sensitivity training, and women lead them in combat. No wonder we fail to muster a sufficient number of normal male recruits. What normal, healthy, God-fearing young man wants to join a "Queer" military?
It now appears that the Biden administration will cut assistance to Ukraine, and possibly to Israel as well. If either of these nations fail to win their wars America is also doomed. America has long been the salvation of Western democratic culture, the sea wall protecting the borders of the so-called free world. If our military strength fails, the world will experience unparalleled catastrophic consequences.
I've probably written too much on Marian apparitions. I have to say, however, that the stage is perfectly set for the catastrophic scenario prophesized in a number of these apparitions. Though common sense is sufficient to understand the current military reality, I would refer anyone interested in these "imminently" expected spiritual warnings, to see "Revelations, The Hidden Secret Messages and Prophecies of the Blessed Virgin Mary" by Xavier Reyes-Ayral. It tells of a Russian Blitzkrieg attack on NATO forces from the North, joined by Muslim forces from the south, which overwhelms eastern Europe, into France, Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands, the total destruction of Paris, and the crippling of England, Italy, and Spain, before being beaten back with massive destruction. America is also to be struck, and the world will be substantially changed. However shocking, this scenario has been found to be "worthy of belief" by the highest echelons of the Catholic Church - for what that's worth. Many prophesies are centuries old, others recent; all in agreement that the war is coming soon.
The prophesies are extraordinary in their details, and each is tempered by the fact that these tragedies can be shortened by prayer and spiritual conversion; they are not set in stone.
Of course, this is just personal opinion. The question: is it really "Worthy of belief".