A response to Kelly Scoles' letter:

Hi Kelly,

Our debates seem to be evolving (devolving?) into philosophic tug-a-wars. I enjoy them; I'm not sure normal readers do, however. But let's be bold and tug-away once more.

I still say Truth is singular, solid, and exclusive. You say people very often "witness the same event and recall and characterize it very differently." Either one may see the truth, or not. But this result doesn't change the fact that the truth is always there. We need a "common denominator." (I hated long division) but that missing part is responsible for most of the anguish in the world today. I say the "denominator" should be God. You won't like this, but our troubles (all of them) boil down to the fact that too many no longer believe there is a God, or an eternity. The issue here: too many human creations don't believe in their creator, in eternal truths. They reject Biblical truths, especially that God created man "in his image". If one rejects this last fact, he rejects the essence of creation history, the war between Angels and demons, Biblical history and prophesies. Without honest interest in Truth, debate remains a waste of time.

Just as important, rejecting these things substitutes an acceptance of incredible falsehoods, lies, and confusion. It makes non-believers utterly naive in the struggle with the evil part of human dynamics. From the beginning, we humans have had to fight that thing called Evil. Believers know that evil consists of Satan, his demons, lost souls and its institutions like Communism. I can hear non-believers gagging now. But, without acknowledging this scenario, your idea of Truth can't bridge the gap between good and evil, two things being "singular, solid, and exclusive," just as are Heaven and Hell.

For example (of non-believer naiveté): they believe in things like aliens, UFOs, and sentient AI. Well, God has sent a book this year with the serendipitous title "Only Man Bears His Image." Subtitle: (be patient) "The Biblical, Catholic & Scientific Case Against Aliens, UFO Deceptions, Sentient AI, and Other Sci-Fi Disguised Demons & Psyops Heralding the Antichrist" to explain. (I did ask for patience.) Author: Daniel O'Connor. One of the greatest books I've read in the past 10 years. Open it anywhere and begin to learn. Beautifully written, scrupulously researched with scholarly tenacity! Beware: 750 pages. A work of genius! Did I forget to say this is a good book?

Time and space-wise, I'm already in trouble- but I continue to digress.

Anyway - Kelly, you warn of "binary choices" often leading to disaster." I guess so; but so do tri- and quadra-choices, ad infinitum. My point; sometimes we have to make tough choices. You say, "Thousands disagree with [me]." Wrong. Most of today's 8 billion people disagree with me. My frustration is that I can't respond to all of them. On the "horrifying situation in Israel/Palestine where insistence on binary choices of the Israeli Jews and Muslims have resulted in a potentially world-wide religious and political war…" - that "horrifying situation" has existed since 8 June, 632 following the death of Mohammed, 1,391years ago. Since Muslim people believe everything Mohammed did was perfect, they are commanded to imitate his actions, which require the killing ("fighting") of nonbelievers, especially Jews and Christians. Sometimes those "binary choices" demand emergency life-saving defensive decisions.

I respect Church Militant and the truth it delivers. I didn't know of Michael Voris' troubles. God bless and heal him. Church Militant is only radical in the scope of the truth it proclaims about Church corruption. You find Voris's confessions "lurid?" When the prophesied chastisements arrive, I believe every human on earth will see "horrible, ugly things" in their consciences. I trust you will be the exception.

Kelly, there is no "overwhelming scientific consensus on man-made global warming." It's all a deception - like UFOs, Transgendering, Aliens, etc.. Report: "Nobel Prize-winning scientist Dr. John Clauser — who recently declared climate science a ‘pseudoscience’ — has his IMF talk abruptly canceled. July 23, 2023." Video: "2022 Nobel physics prize winner John Clauser rips climate idiocy, No ‘climate crisis’ and IPCC ‘one of the worst sources of dangerous misinformation’."
Kelly, read at least one serious book on the fraud of so-called man-made climate change.

Read the book I recommend, Kelly. Then you will see why It's nearly impossible for non-believers to understand Judeo-Christian truths without a belief in God. "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." Matthew 7:7-8.

I shudder at the thought of rejecting the truth of eternal Beatific Vision, while welcoming the truth of eternal horror.
Merry Christmas!