He’s back!
Monday’s joint meeting between our Parks and Rec. Commission and city council turned out to be more interesting than expected.

Congratulations, first of all, to our Fillmore High School Flashes for their outstanding season. We’re all proud of your hard work and success which took you well into the CIF playoffs. You are all well deserving of the recognition you received at Monday’s meeting.

However, during public comment time, the specter of my old nemesis Bob Stroh dampened the atmosphere somewhat by imploding with some old, some new, and some nutty condemnations of me personally, the Gazette in general, and Councilman Conaway in particular.

A veteran Katzenjammer, when Bob takes to the dais with notes in hand I brace myself in expectation of a shower of complaints, flavored with a sprinkle of spicy falsehood. But this time he far exceeded expectations, launching a verbal MOAB (Mother of All Barefaced-lies) with his usual blather. Either that, or Bob suffered some sort of cerebral catastrophe while preparing his statement and was possibly unaware of what he was saying.

I’m not referring to his typical misstatements, which have been exposed many times. I’m referring to a bizarre comment about some “favorite abortion clinic.” After searching the website, and other sources, no one at the Gazette could understand what you were referring to or what might have set you off. But, for the record, that statement is utterly and incomprehensibly false, as were your comments on the Brown Act violations and those responsible for discovering and curing the problem.

As so often in the past Bob, your “facts” are missing altogether or are so confused as to be meaningless. I would greatly appreciate your mustering a few coherent moments for the purpose of explaining your bizarre remarks to me and to those TV viewers who will hear them repeated daily for the next week. Now is the time to become something more than a jabbering Katzenjammer! I would hate to have to put you into another Time-Out.


Happy Hanukkah!