A short response to Kelly Scoles' letter:

Hi Kelly,

I have to say that I've become focused on the emerging World War these days. I'm transfixed by the speed of converging forces, and the naiveté and slothfulness of the Western powers. It's a deadly combination. While people are alarmed by the boldness of Islamo-Communist aggression, militarily and psychologically we are unprepared for the coming attack, and foolishly slow to suit-up. As I see it, the US is about to be ambushed as Israel was on October 7. At that time, Israelis were celebrating an all-night music festival when the Muslim forces of Hamas attacked, massacring, maiming, and kidnapping 1,400 innocent Jewish partygoers.

This well coordinated attack was intended to end the existence of Israel, "From the river to the sea." It was sadistic, diabolical butchery, with babies beheaded, pregnant mothers disemboweled, exposing unborn children to beheading as well. Women of the kibbutz were raped, murdered, and dragged back into the tunnels of Gaza. On October 6, 2023, all was peaceful. On October 7 all was murder and mayhem, all was war. Hamas savages fired thousands of rockets into Israel and infiltrated by land, sea, and air. A complete surprise attack.

Though caught by surprise, as happened before, Israeli Defense Forces quickly responded, devastated Hamas command posts in Gaza and gained control.

The consequences of this unprovoked Hamas attack will be immense for the whole world. It is a call to the Islamo-Communist Orcs to rise up and join Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran to finally defeat the slumbering free West. From a Christian standpoint, these four governments comprise the evil long prophesied in the Marian apparitions I've been talking about. The democratic nations of the West are only now beginning to see the scope of the advancing threat. Had common sense defensive measures been taken during the past two decades, instead of Woke Utopian policies, this killer offensive would not have been enabled; the Russian-Ukraine and Israel-Hamas Wars would not have occurred. As to the West (all of it), a shortage of ammunition is not the greatest vulnerability, it's the shortage of leadership. The West (particularly America) is bereft of Judeo-Christian leadership. The older I get the more I understand that without God nothing good can survive. Bible talk may be the greatest put-off today, but that Book provides all the answers.

So, forgive me, Kelly, if I'm distracted from your letter. World peace is disappearing before our eyes in real time. No one should panic, but all should pray. I trust the warnings in Marian apparitions like those of Garabandal and Akita, which match those of Fatima and La Salette and the rest. World War III is unraveling its hideous nature. The Islamic world will join with the Russian and Chinese worlds to dominate in a new world order. After catastrophic conflicts they will fail, but the world order will be largely devastated; later to make a comeback. This is the gist of many of the apparition warnings.
How will America fare? Badly enough that we (predicted) will be unable to assist NATO, and I won't mention the list of horrors to spare anger and anxiety. Only one thing - we will go to the strategic oil reserve only to find that its reserves have been sold to China.

I don't want to get deeper into scary futuristic predictions according to apparitions. Most people won't believe, and the others know already. I have no fear or anxiety because I believe God is in charge, and we can lessen the threat with prayer.
Now, I'm sure this opinion is sufficiently alarming to challenge all contrary opinions. Isn't our First Amendment great!
As for critics festooning my reputation with sharp expletives, I can handle that.

God bless us all.