I find it interesting that so many people think the outcry from Judeo-Christian sources, warning the world to "repent, pray, and fast" for world peace, is just amusingly superstitious. The country is sharply divided between believers and those who don't believe in eternal realities. When I look at the warring armies today, those engaged and others preparing to join up, WWI, on an even bloodier scale, stands out. Only nuclear weapons distinguish today's opening wars from both previous world wars. One side is Good, defending homeland, the other, Evil, stoking destruction in pursuit of political or religious power. Apparitions say this world war will last beyond three years with unparalleled destruction.

The Good side (Israel) has just been ambushed; it had 1,400 innocent civilians murdered, kidnapped, and abducted back into that Evil spider hole, Gaza, as fungible human bargaining chips. Atrocities, such as beheading babies, brands Hamas as indefensibly demonic. Without defending the Good side there can't be much hope for the survival of normal (Judeo-Christian) civilization. The alignment of Evil forces, in Europe and Asia, is now manifesting diabolically. "Iran just joined a pact with Moscow and Beijing" (The Hill,"."West VS Muslim Nations Over Hamas' Attack On Israel." "Pak, Qatar, Iran Side With Gaza, Victim Blamed".(Utube)."Homes have Stars of David painted on them in Paris..." (Drudge) "Conflict spills into Syria... Yemen and Lebanon fire MORE missiles..." We seem to have forgotten that Israel is the only democratic nation in the Near East, and America's only friend there.

"Neighboring countries are still named (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, etc), but China has removed Israel from Baidu Maps and Alibaba’s service, Amap." "Sequoia Capital, called the move a ‘major provocation from China.’”
In Asia it is China, North Korea and Iran. In Europe, it is Russia. Their intentions have been clearly announced; they are joined together to vanquish the so-called free world which is inhibiting Islamo-Communist growth. This is not mere rhetoric; this is the express intention of China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and their rabidly belligerent mice that roar. Russia, never having known democracy, appears cursed with some sort of mad dog K-9-DNA, disposing it to biting - anyone. If China brags of having 500 ships, Taiwan must have 1,000 torpedoes and as many anti-ship missiles to retain its sovereign democracy.

The world of Evil is spoiling for war, while the world of Good has forgotten God. Not much time left for a St. Michael intervention.

The problem has always been spiritual, not natural. "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Eph. 6. [12]
It seems only fitting here, peering into the gaping maw of approaching world war, again, that some credence be given to Marian apparitions which have prophesied this scenario for a couple of centuries. The outrageous reemergence of anti-Semitism throughout the world, and anti-Christian activity, is further evidence of Evil muscling for control. Our first response must be NEVER AGAIN! Time for Christians to align as never before with the Jewish State of Israel. Time to expel anti-Semites from schools and universities. They don't merit higher education. They bring only suffocating ignorance to that "Marketplace of Ideas". Socrates would have chug-a-luged his hemlock brew had he learned about this.

We were shamefully unprepared for the Russia-Ukraine war, with insufficient remedy in sight. We are again unprepared to defend America. Time to kick Erdogan out of NATO, and sever economic ties with China. In the last 10 months 22,000 Chinese nationals crossed our southern border: more than 370,000 in American universities. "The U.S. goods and services trade deficit with China was $367.4 billion in 2022." "Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall ... warned that China was building up its military to prepare for a potential war with the U.S. Kendall joins other Pentagon and U.S. military officials in warning of a potential war with China, possibly in this decade." I would add, the most propitious time for China and Russia to strike America is now, at our weakest point, during the great Biden regime betrayal.