A response to Kelly Scoles' letter:

Hi, Kelly,

As I've said before, I have little interest in personal political name-calling, though I've done it myself often. I'm also losing interest in the Republican Party due to its growing weakness and fecklessness. However, I can include the entire Congress in the same category. This is not just a personal attitude, it's my perception of fatal incompetence in the face of threats to national survival.

My attitude today, when I think of our Congress, grossly corrupt-incompetent president (read evil) and Star Chamber-like judiciary, causes me to focus on those Marian apparitions I've been writing about. Since most people probably find them laughably superstitious, I thought it would be interesting (and for some, entertaining) to publish some of them to validate their authenticity (or fraudulence). Some of these apparitions specify chastisements associated with End Times (not world-ending). We're now close enough to the X date to see if they happen as prophesied.

These "messages" of pending chastisements can be reduced or diminished, but not completely averted. There are many such apparitions. The first I use is from 1882; the next, from the 20th and 21st Centuries - continuing today. This concerns global catastrophes of Biblical proportions. Headlines this a.m. show the enemy is in the wire, with Israel the target of massive Muslim attacks, even faster than I thought possible. Turkey's Erdogan, and the UN as well, are Israel's enemies.
Chastisement messages describe Russians rapidly attacking NATO, into Benelux countries, and "Russian forces rapidly advance through the European plains, reach northern Italy aiming to capture Rome, the Russian western spearhead will enter through the Eastern French regions of Alsace and Lorraine from invaded Germany..."

Numerous attacks upon Mont Saint Michel by Russians and Muslims will fail. "Spain and Italy will likewise suffer initial invasions from foreign Arabic troops on their southern shores."...Paris and the rest of France will remain under a very brief Russian and Arabic occupation..." Russians will be driven back but will destroy Paris with two nuclear missiles. "Notwithstanding, we see yet reference of the "Mixed ones" most likely referring to the French nationals of Arabic and African origins joining-up with the Russian armies."

I've begun an impossible task. Far too many parts to publish in such a short space and time. The most pertinent revelations bearing on the war that we are presently in, the messages, and prophecies, can be found in Xavier Reyes-Ayral's recent book, "Revelations...". People will recoil in shock. I will add that America is said to be unable to assist NATO, either because it has been struck with 7 nuclear missiles (others averted), or we will be engaged against China - or both. At least I've provided a glimpse of what I believe is ahead. The world today is the Devil's playground.

We are unprepared, leadership-wise. Those 7-million trespassers Biden, the Democratic Party, et al, have welcomed indiscriminately, include perhaps 100-thousand terrorists from Islamic countries. They hate America, and take orders from Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, and Satan's minions, controlled by Iran. They will strike America. The alien deluge across our border is deliberately encouraged.

Joe Biden and his Democrats have betrayed the country into a near checkmate with Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran. I would much rather have had a dozen new Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyers in the East Mediterranean today than a $13-billion George Bush super carrier, without urinals. Such a big, fat, juicy undefendable target. Imagine strategic impact if it were sunk. Urgent advice from Generals Ben Hodges and Jack Keane to give Ukraine what it needs to WIN that war have been ignored, to the detriment of world peace. To Washington D.C.: Don't limit Israel like you've limited Ukraine!
God bless, defend, and grant victory to Israel and Ukraine.

Time to stop whining about munitions shortages and MAKE MORE, like we did in WWII - because we're in WWIII!
Pray much!