A short response to Kelly Scoles' letter:

Hi again, Kelly,

In the shortened space left for me this week, I have to ask myself if it would be worthwhile for me to answer each of your statements. Not that they are unworthy of being addressed, but simply whether my words would make any difference. I think the answer is, they would not.

However, I agree with your assessment of maddening Republican dithering over the choice of a new House Speaker (third in line to presidency). It strikes me like complaining the 8-person orchestra on the Titanic played off-key before the end. Civilization is devolving as never before, according to my religious sources, which I trust. Since I am not prognosticating (thought big word here would get greater attention) and have zero personal assurances of future events, here's what those who do have that spiritual connection say. It's not necessary for me to add Take it or leave it, since most of us have already decided; so I guess I'm stuck preaching to the choir - others are welcome to exercise their curiosity.
None of this would fit in that famed "nutshell", so I'll try the smallest font I can find. The global scenario related in the most significant "revelations and messages" of Mary, mother of Jesus, I mentioned last week, are beyond frightening - contingent upon this world's repentance and return to God's order. When asked if this change of heart would happen before chastisement, one member of the Garabandal (Spain) witnesses replied, she did not think so.

So, what's happening in the world today? We have a president who has weakened the nation as never before when we are at the cusp of a world war. Catholics have a heretical pope who invites pagan worship in the Church. We have communist nations (primarily, but not limited to China) spoiling for a nuclear fight. Russia, true to its demonic Marxist origins, is destroying the democratic nation of Ukraine. We now have North Korea, nuclear-armed, waiting to assist China and Russia in their war-making endeavors.
Slipping nitro into the glycerin brew, we have Islam, nearly 24 percent of the global population, with a congenital hatred for the Jewish state of Israel, as well as for billions of "unbelievers". We can expect a sort of spontaneous combustion of condensed evil when China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and their minions "Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war." This poetic expression is not meant to be entertaining. Those dogs have been let out.

While Republicans continue to wrangle about their Speaker, the enemy is in the wire. As proud as I am viewing our newest aircraft carrier now sailing the Mediterranean, I wish its construction included better defense systems than the Mk-15 Phalanx Close-In Weapon, instead of replacing all urinals for the more than 2,500 male sailors aboard, and installing toilets to facilitate the special needs of 500 female sailors. I recall flying home on leave from Ft. Bragg in an old C-119 "flying boxcar" in late 1950s. The urinal at the rear consisted of an improvised funnel. Today, gender sensitivity would require a flush toilet. The significance of the decision to eliminate urinals on the $13-Billion Gerald R. Ford carrier, demonstrates a collapse of common sense in order to accommodate 500 female sailors.

Have to cut this short. Our carriers are in jeopardy. Israel may need to nuke Iran. Islamic hoards, I believe, will join Russian Orks and attack Western Europe. China will go for Taiwan. At least that's what the messages say (except for China). They warn of cataclysmic events, spiritual and natural.

Let's seat the speaker so we can "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition".