A response to Kelly Scoles' letter:

My condolences to you, Kelly, for the loss of your husband, John. It seems inappropriate for me to head into a political debate at this time. I'm glad to welcome you in rejoining the world. We have a common friend in St. Dominick. I carry his medal to keep the demons at bay.

I would simply like to offer a few minor differences of opinion this week. At the risk of boring readers with the same old truth, I'll mix it up with a couple of whoppers. Like, Joe Biden is a brilliant, thoughtful, honest young man. Also, Kamala Harris has done an awe-inspiring job as our Border Czarina; millions of illegals flee at her very presence - though they flee the wrong direction. One last thought. In parts of America today gasoline is approaching $7.00 per gallon, again. Let's give a big yippee to Joe Biden's domestic think tank. They thought that raising the price of gas from Trump's affordable $2.00 to Biden's $7.00 would give God a chance to change his climate. The Democrats are convinced that God is still learning, and that they can accelerate that phenomenon. Isn't that thoughtful of them.

Getting back to the "realities" you refer to, "political realities" certainly are increasingly threatening. The threats I see concern the collapse of our judicial, executive, and legislative systems. Judicial (especially federal) abuse can be seen reducing Donald Trump to a Job-like figure (call it Job's syndrome), recalling the boils afflicted upon the biblical character, much like the subpoenas and hundreds of false charges which pin Trump down. Trump is certainly no saintly Job, but the political demons have been loosed upon him to satisfy Democrat vengeance, the Constitution be damned. The free world watches in disbelief as a former President of the United States is pilloried to keep him from becoming president again. In former times this would have sparked a real insurrection, torches, pitchforks, tar and feathers.

While witnessing this systemic criminal injustice, the affront to that iconic expression "Equal Justice Under Law" is obvious. What can be done, what is the remedy when the Constitution becomes plastic? I've lost my respect for the law as its justices, judges, district attorneys, and prosecutors manifest in extreme Progressive Drag. They're in a fit of judicial transgendering, lacking confidence in their historic jurisprudential gender. They farm the law to glean every scrap of power they can exercise. The system can no longer be trusted. It should be resisted.

Kelly condemns Trump for an intemperate political threat he made. Please, let's be fair. We should recall Senator Chuck Schumer shouting to the media in front of the Capitol: “I want to tell you [Justice] Gorsuch. I want to tell you [Justice] Kavanaugh. You have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.” He was referring to abortion cases. Excuse me, but that SOB should have been arrested. Threatening United States government officials is a felony under federal law. But Democrat behavior has always been above the law, they are rarely even prosecuted - remember Hillary's 30,000 classified documents? What did that FBI scumbag Comey say? "No reasonable prosecutor would bring a case against Clinton for emails. FBI Director James Comey said his office is not recommending prosecutors bring charges against Hillary Clinton." What has happened concerning Joe Biden's thousands of unlawfully accessed and secretly withheld classified documents? Also, nothing.

Lastly, America is no longer an "experiment." America is already more than 200 years older than ancient Athenian democracy ever became. We know the governmental formula works, but it relies upon the character of its officeholders. The Republic is disintegrating today due to massive greedy, political-spiritual corruption. Democrats have turned the system into a criminal enterprise which Republicans seem too weak to resist.

Ukraine must win that war.
Support for Ukraine in her war with Russia appears to be wavering. Nothing could be more devastating, wasteful, or dangerous to world peace. To save the free world from completely unraveling, Ukraine must WIN the war. General "Ben" Hodges, former commanding general, United States Army Europe, knows this fact. Read his comments. Taking Crimea back is critical to success; giving Ukraine long-range missiles can get that job done. Our scandalous debt doesn't negate the profound need for continuous support to Ukraine. Let's not lose our will in the face of the enemy, as we did in Afghanistan!