Concerning District involvement with future One Step A La Vez Drag programs:

I attended the Fillmore School District meeting Tuesday night. Opinions from many Fillmore residents and parents of District school children were voiced about participation in Drag Queen performances at the One Step A La Vez organization. Those attending were respectful, more so than at the last meeting. I didn't count, but anti-LGBTQ Drag Queen opinions seemed to be in the majority, with the crowd half as large.

Following the last meeting on the subject, two weeks ago, Superintendent Christine Schieferle stated (letter: 07-24-2023) the district’s policy on participation with One Step A La Vez' in school activities. In short, the Superintendent stated: "The Fillmore Unified School District (FUSD) will continue to share existing local and county resources, including One Step A La Vez, for families to assist them in supporting their children's education and well-being."

I'm sure the Board and Superintendent believe that this policy is most beneficial for the students. Unfortunately, they are mistaken in that belief. Most parents believe that LGBTQ activities, including Drag Queen events, are not beneficial. Quite to the contrary, anything officially associated with an organization which invites interest in "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and/or Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Two-Spirit" ideas to children, is menacing to Judeo-Christian ethics and tradition. The presumed best intentions of the Board and Superintendent here are irrelevant. What is relevant here are parents' ethical and religious demands and expectations, which neither office has the moral authority to deny.
Neither the Board nor the Superintendent is competent to adjust extreme psycho-sexual delusions in children entrusted to their care. I emphasize the trust placed in the teachers who are designated caretakers of innocent children. In the case of A La Vez, this trust has been betrayed, in a particularly underhanded way, without notice to parents. I have to ask whether the Superintendent or Board members are holding themselves out to be priests, preachers, or psychiatrists? Even if they were indeed such specialists, they do not have the parental authority to teach their impressionable students about the psychological sickness of LGBTQ lifestyles. To impose LGBTQ influences upon normal Judeo-Christian children, without express parental authority, is tantamount to child abuse.

This issue, as embedded in LGBTQ philosophy, has profoundly shaken traditional notions of normality. Progressives want to change the law to charge parents with a felony if they refuse to give their kids puberty blockers and irreversible sex change surgery. The LGBTQ issues here have completely roiled our culture and threaten the most basic understanding of sexual and gender identity. This strange new pseudo-scientific force seeks to destroy traditional family cohesiveness. Most of all, this aberrant view is a direct attack upon America's Judeo-Christian foundations. It should be met directly and forcefully - lawfully, of course.

Even a little research into the tragic consequences of so-called Transgender activity should be enough to educate and alarm the average reasonable person into opposing all things "LGTBQIA2S+ ". It is anathema indeed to any traditional Judeo-Christian. I know the citations "anathema" and "Judeo-Christian" can grow tedious; they are, nevertheless, necessarily true, as is the fact that a man cannot become a woman, and vice versa. Let's rekindle our respect for the normal! It's been very good to us for a long time.

For these reasons I join all parents and others sympathetic to normal, traditional policies in public education, and will continue to oppose the rest.


Two hours before deadline I was handed a letter from Fillmore resident Daniel Gradias concerning the A La Vez issue. Mr. Gradias' letter was too long for complete publication in print this week, so it continues online at
Mr. Gradias is a clinical psychologist with a master’s degree specializing in "LGBTQ affirmative therapy." I wish I had seen this letter earlier. I would have devoted this week's Realities to answering it. Maybe in detail next week?
I don't doubt Mr. Gradias' expertise. It is a perceived lack of objectivity that bothers me. I would ask if he is a member of LGBTQ community himself? The letter is full of passionate intensity and stereotypical false flag excuses, as seen from a purely Judeo-Christian point of view. Where two irreconcilable ideas confront themselves, the one with the strongest logic and Judeo-Christian ethics should prevail. Now, I know this prompts howls from the Progressive side, but this being a contest of wills, what else should we expect?

Mr. Gradias, if, for example, you proclaim that gender is "fluid" and not determined by chromosomes, and sacred decisions, you must prove your case! I'm afraid you're stuck facing one of those "violent biblical passages" like the prophets of Baal did against Elijah when doing their best to popularize Beelzebub. Yeah, I know, that's a tad much.
God willing, I hope to provide a more succinct response to your letter next week. In the meantime, please feel free to take advantage of the Gazette's First Amendment invitation.