A response to Kelly Scoles’ letter:

By Golly, I can tell you are not happy with my last column, Kelly. You disapprove of my “anathema-cursing, bush-burning, and sinner-smoting”. Give me a break. I haven’t done any “smoting” in years; but I’ll now look into that technique to chase away the Woksters.

Seriously, your attack on my opinion looks a lot like smiting to me. But I refuse to be smitten for opinions I did not express.

I would like to persuade you to sheathe your sword and cease smiting me long enough for me to shield my opinion against your attacks.

While some of the “Inquisition Catholics” were responsible for some “sinner smoting” most were not. In your eyes my assessment of LGBTQ stuff is pure heresy, which apparently entitles you to smote the heck out of me. But this Judeo-Christian, at least in America, can defend against the Wokster demons, and the frumious Bandersnatch! I can take my vorpal sword in hand, and while the Jabberwock, with eyes of flame, comes whiffling through the tulgey wood, burbling as it came, I just smote him. And that’s all I have to say about that.
My apologies to Lewis Carroll for this bastardized doggerel; I’m in a bad mood. Just experienced another major betrayal of trust, irrelevant to this discussion.

Trying to get back on track, Woksters use “diversity, equity, and inclusion” like putty to fill the cracks in their thinking, like Kamala Harris attempts a solution to something. I stand by my statements.

I never bother with “dog whistles”, Kelly. Fog horns are more to my liking. This whole LGBTQ morass has stupefied the entire Republic. After reading and watching “Architects of Perversion, Part II, John Money: pedophile founder of gender ideology” on Church Militant, my sentiments have hardened. I double down on my conclusions in last week’s Realities. This shocking historical replay was news to me. I had never heard of John Money before. Shame on me. “Dr. John Money coined the phrases gender ideology and sexual identity and is hailed by LGBTQ advocates as a pioneer in gender research. In real life, he was a pederast who destroyed the lives of those he experimented on, including twin boys who committed suicide as a result of his sexual and physical abuse.” Church Militant is a conservative Catholic site, but the story is pure historical fact. Kelly, I dare you to watch this short video.

After watching the video, we should all read Lauren Smith’s “Dr. John Money and the sinister origins of gender ideology. How a cruel, amoral experiment helped birth today’s trans movement.” (long read). No normal person, in my opinion, can read this and not be repelled by anything LGBTQ. This whole movement is a testament to the sickness of naiveté that is seducing America today. It is a central part of the political, religious, scientific fraud the nation has been fed for a generation. It would not be overstating the issue to say that much of the nation has lost its mind. Now many believe men can become women, communism can be good, and Hunter Biden’s laptop says nothing about his treacherous, larcenous, father. Do you believe these things, Kelly?

To be clear, Kelly, Gay Pride event entrepreneurs are free to hold their shows wherever they choose - except on school grounds, though the legal issues are being thrashed out nationwide. The same holds true for nudist groups, marijuana conventions, and witchcraft associations. LGBTQ groups really include the entire Woke agenda, from Trans to the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). “Without Money, [last name] it’s unlikely that trans ideology, especially the phenomenon of ‘trans kids’, would exist today in the way that it does.”

Parents certainly should do their job of protecting their children - but they need to be informed of the dangers to succeed. One Step A La Vez failed to do that, and not at just one event. For what it’s worth, I will encourage opposition (emotional, financial, and electoral) to anyone who supports LGBTQ activity in our schools, for these reasons:
Alfred Kinsey & John Money: Psychopathic, Serial Sexual Predators
Alex Coppen, Sep 12, 2021, AC @ Devils’ Lane (15 min read).

Kinsey and John Money were professional psychopaths, forerunners of the diseased LGBTQ agenda.
Dr Miriam Grossman puts it this way:

“Kinsey was afflicted at his core. He was a depraved human being, and his emotional illness expressed itself through his sexuality. He was consumed by a grotesque, debilitating obsession with a wide range of abnormal behaviors—I’ll spare you the details, but I doubt very much that in all the 62 years of Kinsey’s miserable life he knew even one day of what we would consider healthy sexuality.”

“You’d be forgiven for not knowing who these two people were, and there’s a reason you don’t. These “fathers of the Sexual Revolution” form the intellectual and supposedly moral basis of modern thinking around gender and sexuality. However, if you take a look at the men behind the ideas, what you find is so repulsive it would damage any reasonable person’s adoption of them as orthodoxy.”

“Many of these men - such as paedophile rapist Michel Foucault - seemed to have been hellbent on using academic theory to justify their horrifying sociopathy and its ghastly sexual expression.”
I have ignored most of the information in these sources due to their soul-killing loathsomeness. LGBTQ activities should be recognized as criminal activity under the Natural Law.