A few words in response to the July 24, 2023 letter from the Fillmore Unified School District regarding the One Step A La Vez Drag Queen incident.

"As the twig is bent, so grows the tree."

I understand by the statements made in this letter that the District, its Board, and our Superintendent Christine Schieferle, will continue to support the activities of One Step A La Vez within the school campus and at off-campus locations. This organization provides some helpful traditional academic assistance to students having difficulty with their studies, though no comprehensive list of such assistance has been available on its website.

Unbeknownst to many parents of Fillmore students, One Step also encourages, often very young, student participation in activities provided by various LGBTIQ+ groups. "LGTBQIA2S+ is an acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and/or Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Two-Spirit," and their philosophy is directly opposed to historical Judeo-Christian moral teaching and tradition. LGBTIQ groups are at war with traditionalists, especially in the area of child education. To the traditional American Judeo-Christian family, they are anathema, their beliefs morally aberrant. This is where the "queer" Woke mantra of "diversity, equity, and inclusion" spread their poison. In a social setting, diversity in itself is meaningless. Equality (of outcome) is unnatural. And inclusion (of itself) is dangerous. Much of this world should not be included in our young people's education, if virtue is still important.

LGBTIQ groups are becoming pervasive. They are especially aggressive among the young, and closely tied to pornography, determined to infect public libraries and schools: "The images come from Gender Queer, which is the book that both Chelsea Clinton and Ari Drennen are arguing must be in schools to ensure that kids are appropriately exposed to LGBTQ concepts."
From a Judeo-Christian standpoint, we humans exercise free will, and religion cannot be coerced (despite historical aberrations). It is not personal hatred that requires rejection of LGBTQ practices, it is the command to see them as anathema, the unnatural practices in particular, the so-called lifestyle. They substitute pagan beliefs for Christian. I'll spare the citations, but the consequences of ignoring the spiritual law here are severe.

The parental demand expressed by so many mothers and fathers, that our schools disassociate from One Step A La Vez and its LGBTIQ Drag Queens, is not negotiable. Those who favor this association should do so on their own time and place, not on school time. It is otherwise offensive to parents inculcating traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs in their children's character.
Our School Board should stop inviting this group to entertain and/or proselytize our students. Our children have been entrusted to their teachers, an ancient trust "in loco parentis". That is a sacred responsibility to shield them from harmful influences as parents do. LGBTIQ Drag Queens are a harmful influence to Christian children!

The Fillmore Unified School District is mandated to teach traditional, nonsectarian subjects. Parents are the ultimate authority over their children's moral welfare, and they do not wish their children to be taught about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender problems. At their young age, reading, English, math, and science are challenge enough. Let's not initiate problems of gender or sexuality by pretending to be experts in the field. Kindly and respectfully refer those challenged students to psychological expertise. Our schools are not qualified to handle this issue. In my opinion, those who insist upon supporting One Step A La Vez (while LGBTQ influences remain) regardless of best intentions, should seek other employment.

Hi, Kelly:
Quickly, "indictments against Trump for serious crimes"? He now has four of these indictments to deal with, all planned to make it impossible to run his presidential campaign. The most eminent lawyers tell us the charges are phony, deliberate political traps, mostly unconstitutional.

All this happening while Joe Biden is finally being investigated for bribery, and possibly treason, for his decades-long family business of peddling policy influence to foreign enemies of our state. What astonishing lies Democrats tell (with their media co-conspirators) in attempts to obfuscate the crimes! The nation has never been in such danger as we are now due to Biden corruption. As I've said for years now, we are near checkmate with our enemies due to such massive betrayal, and political machinations by punks like Jack Smith.

I don't fear that Biden may win reelection; I think he won't be here for the attempt. My fear focuses on that giggling airhead of a Vice President who may be handed those atomic codes. We had better pray that Donald Trump escapes the political traps to face our enemies once again. This is getting more doubtful, as is the nation's future.

You talk of "well-documented accusations" against Trump. You minimize Hunter's laptop revelations, as well as whistleblowers, and FBI evidence of massive bribery (possibly as much as $100 million)! Where have you been?
As for my remarks about the fossils, I'm glad you appreciated a little tongue-in-cheek humor. I've always wondered about how many Titanosaurs it would take to make billions of gallons of oil, and how they got so far down into the earth.
About the railcars--at least make the owners clean-up the graffiti and keep the cars free of such. Sierra Northern Railways seems to be very arrogant. They own a traveling graffiti circus. Make them clean up their act.
I have overrun my allotted space by hundreds of words. I gotta go.