A note on the Drag Queen issue:

I regret I ran out of time to discuss the One Step A La Vez Drag Queen controversy this week. I have to take strong exception to the School Board's letter which approves of the Drag Queen performance and its influence upon the students at Fillmore schools. I see this as a betrayal of parental trust and a danger to traditional scholastic ethics. I oppose any and all LGBTIQA+ associated entertainment sponsored by the School Board or our Superintendent. This is more than mere entertainment, it is subtle indoctrination, most insidious in our schools. This is a religious movement, and I vigorously oppose it as I would a course on witchcraft. With our schools failing miserably with reading, math, and English, why should we "teach" wholly aberrant "queer" subjects? And, yes, this is that hill.

I would like to recommend three links to American Thinker. I highly regard this site. The publishers there specialize in lucid truthfulness. The Andrea Widburg article shows just how far our military has fallen apart.
The Achilles Heel of Mail-In Ballot Fraud
By Jay Valentine, American Thinker, July 24, 2023.
American Thinker
July 19, 2023

Who will be the innocent who speaks the truth to the transgender crowd?
By Ned Cosby, American Thinker, July 25, 2023
"Make-believe is fun as long as we have the freedom to stop when we tire of playing. Now, however, the wonderful folks that gave us Sodom and Gomorrah want to compel us and our children in public schools to agree with them that their perverse sexual practices and thinking are normal. They want us to agree with them that women can be men and men can be women. They want the objectors among us to face job termination and legal sanctions if we don’t say “amen” to their ever-changing norms."

American Thinker, July 25, 2023.
Defense Department on the road to disaster
By Andrea Widburg, American Thinker, July 19, 2023. In June, the U.S. Army posted an article on its website celebrating a pudgy, mentally confused man—a major—who claims to be a woman “living authentically.” People who care about our nation’s defense were horrified to learn that the military is in the hands of people like Major Jones.”

It's refreshing to read an article which agrees with one's own opinion, especially on controversial subjects. It's a sort of reality affirmation crutch, valuable when marching against today's harmful pretentions and illogical fads, though fighting against popular irrationality (transgendering) is futile when a desire to believe is invincible.
Today, something (let's call it a virus) has caused an alarming number of otherwise normal Americans to believe human gender/sex can be changed at will. Let me play the hero here and rescue those deceived folks with my reality vaccine: that idea is false, an unhealthy, a self-evident lie! How do I know the idea of transgenderism is a lie? God told me, and so does common sense. It's right there in Genesis 1:27: "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them." And this all happened before copyright so I can tell everyone without being sued. Anyone promoting such an idea 50-years ago would have been referred for psychotherapy.
Mature adults, of course, can do whatever they wish to do with their own bodies - the menacing reality of transgenderism is its indoctrination of children, often very young. Capitalizing on their youthful confusion, children are being brutalized with drugs and surgery, often without their parent’s knowledge. That should be deemed criminal conduct.

A response to Kelly Scoles' letter:
Hi Kelly, Sorry for the shorter responses lately.
You're usually more interested in the political tidbits than I am. I don't like to go there because it tends to get too petty, and America is dealing with grave dangers today. However, military promotions and nominations are critically important.

Here are some problematic new Admiral/General candidates who exemplify weakness in our military leadership. First, Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr., President Biden’s choice to lead the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Sen. Eric Schmitt (R-Mo.) recently accused Brown of suggesting there were “too many White officers” in the military. Schmitt referenced a memo that Brown signed last year setting aspirational diversity goals for Air Force applicants. "There’s this obsession with sort of race-based politics being interjected into our military,” Schmitt said, later alleging that Brown was “advocating for racial quotas." Brown is a notoriously "Woke" general, his leadership sharply focused on Diversity, equity, and inclusion, to the detriment of meritocracy, cohesion, and readiness. Brown has signed-off on the racial quotas he believes should be accepted in the Air Force - 5,000 too many whites. Brown is far too divisive a leader to entrust with our top military position, having a huge chip on his shoulder (next to his 4 stars) for the racism he alleges he experienced coming up through the ranks. That memo and his reputation for "Wokeness" should have ended his candidacy immediately.
Then, we have had generals like (now Secretary of Defense) Lloyd J. Austin III, and Admiral Lisa Franchetti, "nominated to be the first woman Chief of Naval Operations and member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, where she will continue to inspire all of us." We should also remember the Bozo Brothers (Generals Milley and Austin) who together signed-off on President Biden's treacherous plan to surrender Afghanistan (with some 7 billion in armaments) to the Taliban - not forgetting thousands of Americans left behind. Generals with honor would have resigned in protest; trustworthy generals would not tip-off the enemy like Milley. Military leadership is dying of the Wokeness disease.

Surveying our newest roster of generals, all I can say is, "Very pretty, Colonel, Very pretty. But can they fight?"