A short response to a letter from Kelly Scoles.

Hi, Kelly.

I just have no stomach for a discussion of the procedural strategies crooked DAs are concocting to kill Trump’s 2024 reelection effort. Corrupt DAs are legion today, and most are Democrats. Jack Smith is not “intrepid”, Kelly, he’s a punk, a soulless political thug who despises American justice. He’s all that remains after judicial honor is removed. The grand juries that Democratic DAs cook-up deposit the last sweepings of dirt on my life-long love of the law. They’ve turned it into something dangerously despicable. And that’s all I have to say about that. If Democratic Party politicians succeed in hog-tying Trump, and someone like Mike Pompeo isn’t somehow miraculously elected, it’s game over. China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran will feed on the leftovers - fed to them by Woke Democrats.

I’m preoccupied with the teetering state of our military forces. From the Fat Leonard Navy scandal, to the overall Woke recruitment disaster, weakness is obviously endemic to our military leadership. I’m not a defeatist, but every corner of our Army, Navy, Air and Marine forces has been sabotaged.

“DoDEA sources speak out about woke ‘Marxist’ indoctrination: ‘I’m not a... sexual realignment engineer’’ There are movements going on right now from [Pentagon] headquarters all the way down that are allowing ideas that are anti-American to take root,’ a DoDEA teacher said.” (Fox News, 6-6-2023.)

It didn’t start with Joe Biden’s treason, but it might end there. The nearly mechanical effort to undermine America’s strength and purpose can be seen from Biden’s first day in office. We were energy independent. Joe made us dependent. Our border was secure; Biden opened it to the world. To date more than 7-million illegal aliens (including terrorists) flowed in, each needing to be fed, clothed, housed, educated, employed, and kept healthy - for the foreseeable future. They must be taught our language, laws, customs, and history. No one but the president can stop the flood - and he refuses to do so because the flood is programmed to increase the Democratic vote. And, of course, every child born to these 7-million illegals is immediately an American citizen. This is national suicide by foot traffic (ignominious way to die). The world will not run out of people who decide to come to America, but America has run out of solutions to care for them without bankrupting our already feeble support systems. The world stands astonished at our stupidity, and China observes us with that lean and hungry look.

I lack the necessary talent to detail our country’s many fatal flaws in this short space. But, they are many and they loom deadly.

Failing to understand the following in today’s America is preposterous ignorance:
Men cannot become women! Women cannot become men! God has created our climate to change naturally, often extremely (oceans to desert) and, without C02 all plant life dies! God made fossil fuels to help us; that’s why He made all those fossils! Communism is a completely evil plan to destroy all freedom! Record borrowing never slows inflation! The concept of “Woke” is a cesspool of anti-Judeo-Christian deceit! Judeo-Christian religious belief is the foundation of America’s liberty! Parents are the primary authority over their children! The citizens of our Republic, under our Constitution, are the ultimate authority, having received that authority from God! Those who reject our freedoms are our enemies! Strength of mind, body, and spirit make us free! Weakness and naiveté ends freedom! Without a supremely strong military America cannot survive!

Once again I’m out of time and space. God continue to bless America!