It was a great relief for us all to learn that the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Clara Valley has reopened. I am puzzled, however, by the odd way this episode unfolded. First we had an abrupt notice of closing, then, a short time later, an equally abrupt notice of its reopening. Many of the children were greatly upset upon hearing of the closing.

The matter was handled very unprofessionally. No reason has been given for either event, but apparently a shortage of funding was to blame. I’ve been told that a Good Samaritan was responsible for the reopening. Our thanks go out to that person, as well as a lot of smiles from about 200 Fillmore kids. More details will be available soon.

Our B&G Club is very important to the welfare of many children. And, it’s not just all play. Homework is an essential part of the program, and homework is finished before other activities take place. It’s a great atmosphere, and a good, safe place for kids to let off some steam and socialize while waiting for mom or dad to return from work. In short, the B&G Club is critical to the safety and welfare of many local kids – that’s why financial support is so important.


A very talented and experienced group of teachers have gone forward with plans to create a Piru Charter School. Charter schools are encouraged by both state and county educators, and approximately one third of LA County schools are operated under charters. Charters empower schools through their independence. This independence has proven to spark educational creativity (not like the bogus “creativity” of the 1970s and ‘80s) but creativity that produces enhanced opportunities, higher learning achievement, and a new sense of socio-educational community.

Charter schools have a greater ability to prioritize their own spending and structure their curriculum. While not all charter schools have proven to be successful, most of them are highly successful.

I have followed this struggle between School District and the Charter promoters for several months. In my opinion the District has been heavy-handed in discouraging the charter. Much disinformation regarding the charter proponents and the proposed charter itself, has been disseminated by the District, and furthered by the Board. That is a fact.

With no intention of fanning the flames of discontent and anger, I hope the County (which will soon decide whether or not to support the charter) will see through the fog of anti-charter disinformation, and approve this exciting idea of a Piru Charter School. I know the proponents of the charter, exemplary teachers all, and I am convinced that this charter will be a wonderful success.


Gazette staff has just learned of the passing of former Fillmore City Manager R. Wesley “Wes” Nichols. Wes served as city manager in the early 1980’s and was well known in our small community. He will be missed.