A response to Kelly Scoles' letter:
Hi again, Kelly,

Well, you spare no time unloading on Trump. After accusing him (in ten rhetorical blasts) of everything from racism to groping women, I think you must still admit that he's not all bad. After all, he's not a hair-sniffer, and he has not sold out his country, like Joe Biden, the first Fifth Columnist ever to preside as president of our nation.

Republicans had a right to be "aghast" at the farcical hand slap sentence Hunter Biden received on reduced misdemeanor convictions for tax and firearms charges. The gun conviction alone should have threatened him (as others) with a 10-year prison sentence for a felony. No additional evidence of deep corruption is needed to show Attorney General Garland and his Department of Justice as indelibly tainted. I shudder to think he could have been put on the Supreme Court!

You bring up the case of young Kyle Rittenhouse, "a two-time killer." I had to refresh my memory of the November 2021 case. Why do you reject the jury verdict? "Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges Friday after pleading self-defense in the deadly Kenosha shootings" (Nov 19, 2021) — "Rittenhouse was 17 years old and armed with an AR-15-style rifle when he fatally shot two [rioters] and wounded a third in August 2020." If this trial were set (even in California today) Rittenhouse would be acquitted again. I would certainly have voted for an acquittal. With all your talk of equity, you Democrats really don't believe in "Equal justice under law", it always has to go your way, for political power.

Kelly, "bogus Biden impeachment vote..."? "A fruitless Durham hearing"? "...revenge-censured Adam Schiff for doing his job..."? What world do you inhabit to entertain these fantasies? Please read the Durham report, it is key to any understanding of systemic corruption in FBI leadership. Adam Schiff "doing his job?" Is "his job" to be drum major in the Democratic Party liar’s parade? That's the reputation he has earned over the years with his infamous, falsely alleged "smoking gun" evidence of Trump collusion. He deserves a congressional bum's rush. As for our AG Merrick Garland, he will soon be impeached for perjury. He's another thoroughly corrupt Biden minion.

Kelly, here's an earth-shaking fact, only recently understood. Joe Biden's criminal endeavors throughout 50 years of federal service, as senator, vice present, and president, has been so damaging to the core stability of American government, it could spell the end of our Republic. The scope of his nefarious activities, all for self-enrichment, will take a generation to explain. Just thought I would strike a little wake-up bell while I'm still around. Believing it or not probably won't change the course we're on. I offer you an assignment: See: REPORT PHYSICAL COPIES LPDF BIDENLAPTOPMEDIA.COM. Produced by "Marco Polo", this provides an unprecedented, 600-page, detailed analysis of Biden family generational crimes. It is stunning. No good here, only bad and ugly, personal, business, family, emails, bribery, an orgy, diary, police reports, it's all there! Welcome to BIDENWORLD, a colorful tableau of the comprehensive betrayal of sacred trust.

Meanwhile, why in the world should I not celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Mexican-Americans were among my earliest friends. They, and their parents, were (are) proud Americans, first. My youth was blessed by an abundance of homemade Mexican food. I watched those small patties hand-formed into tortillas cooked on a wood stove - and, Mexico brews the best beer in the world, even today, Negra Modelo, there to enhance it all. Sadly, most modern Mexican-American kids can never know what they missed!