One item which stood out at last night's City Council meeting was the growing incidence of homelessness and the threat of crime it brings to the city. Several citizens spoke to the threatening encounters they have faced from homeless individuals who have approached them. Greater efforts from law enforcement and the passage of stronger laws were sought.


It's getting harder for me to decide what to write about each week because issues of great importance, political, governmental, religious, etc. challenge American conservatives and their Judeo-Christian tradition as never before. The Progressive Left has been lying in wait for the naive conservative since Noah sought shelter in his arc. Liberal Progressives just don't believe, or understand, the deadly seriousness their policies inflict upon the American Republic. They show little concern over the Democratic Party's support for open borders, which continue to welcome millions of utterly undocumented foreign aliens from hundreds of foreign countries. They tax and spend us into oblivion. They disrespect and defund law enforcement. They vote-in leaders who invite more crime by failing to prosecute criminals. They emasculate our military with "Queer" agendas and wonder why recruitment is in the tank. They scandalize our young students with outrageous pornographic materials and subvert our elections by weaponizing government agencies. And the band plays on.
In short, the Democratic Party has taken-up Barack Obama's dream of "fundamentally transforming America". Our basic military defense is jeopardized by naive fraternizing with the enemy, like General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Gen. Milley admitted Wednesday that he would give his Chinese counterpart a heads up if the US launched an attack against Beijing..." Milley was not only forgiven for his treason, he was promoted! Is he any better than Jane Fonda in Vietnam?

The choice has always been God's will (the good) against everything else. And, as they say, if you don't believe in God, you will believe anything, including a universe of tempting poisonous opportunities.
Speaking of poisonous opportunities, yesterday I heard the Los Angeles Dodgers plan to present their "Community Hero Award" to a Satanic group calling itself "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence", a bevy of drag queens who donate to LGBTQ+ causes. The group exists to mock Catholic nuns. So the Dodgers will honor this group whose slogan is "Go forth and sin some more", a blasphemous parody of Jesus' words spoken to the woman caught in adultery (John 8:11).The Los Angeles Dodgers promote trans conduct just like Bud Light did, becoming the sissy beer among male beer drinkers. Have American men been neutered by incessant Woke propaganda?

Just thinking about this latest anti-Catholic outrage has distracted me from my intended journey this week. As a "cradle" Catholic myself, and an Irish one at that, I believe it's past time to confront our enemies, which are legion.

I had to deal with a full-throated anti-Catholic bigot a few weeks ago. I regret that I gave him too much freedom to expose his dark and troubled thoughts. The Gazette may be a member of what I deem the nano media, but I rejoice in my American freedoms, particularly my unique First Amendment right to free speech. Where else on earth can this be found today?

My youth and faith were informed by wonderful religious sisters in the 1940s and 50s, at three different excellent schools. I wish I could say my scholastic endeavors were equally excellent, but that would be untrue. To hear that these heroic women would be slandered by corporate spitballers and their "Queer" associates, is beyond the pale.
Flash! Just got word the Dodgers came in safe on first by cancelling those Woke sisters.

Flash number 2 - the Dodgers apologized for the cancellation, then invited them back!!
The Dodgers have become a "Queer" organization. They should start wearing makeup and dresses.
(My apologies for such a scrambled column this week)