After a 4-year wait, the Durham Report on the Trump-Russia collusion investigation has finally arrived.
Its reception mirrors exactly the political mindset of a schizophrenic Republic - half rational, the other half delusional.
Although this report (306 pages) details, the greatest government scandal in American history, the New York Times brushed it off as "a dud." Most of the media, plus Big Tech, Big Banks, CIA, FBI, NEA, Deep State, and Democratic Party (the usual suspects) just smirk because Durham does not demand prosecution of anyone. It does, however, expose a byzantine plan to sabotage the last two presidential elections; first to favor Hillary Clinton (unsuccessful), the second to knock out Donald Trump (successful). It shows that most of our government, especially our intelligence agencies, energetically conspired to destroy Trump's presidency by becoming a political wing of the Democratic Party.

For several years I've tried to show the truly breathtaking scale of this infamous conspiracy, a Guy Fawkes (1605-gunpowder plot) that in this case, largely succeeded. This tale tempts the power of hyperbole to describe the treachery involved. Whether a Democratic Party government will choose to prosecute this band of traitors is doubtful because the would-be prosecutors here are themselves the traitors. Democrats have had a Stay-Out-of-Jail card since the Obama-Eric Holder years; it works unfailingly for them.

Act One begins with Obama's plan to "fundamentally transform" America. Then Hillary Clinton started the ball rolling with the Trump-Russian collusion-Steele dossier which she paid to have fabricated through her law firm by a British spy. Without cause, the FBI immediately began investigating Trump with phony (perjured) FISA warrants. President Trump was spied upon by the FBI and CIA, as candidate and as President, with political animus. This treacherous charade lasted 7 years. The guilty parties (FBI Director James Comey (perjurer), Peter Strzok (FBI) (perjurer), James Clapper (Director National Intelligence) (perjurer), CIA Director John Brennan (perjurer). et al. This is a scenario involving a cast of thousands, like a scene from Macbeth: " ... a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing." Except, here it signifies treason at the highest levels, and ownership of our intelligence agencies by the Democratic Party, weaponized against Republicans for maximum power. This is what "fundamental transformation" looks like. It's just difficult to explain the depth, complexity, and purpose of such treason, to make Americans understand the danger - and alert them to the fact that no one is being held responsible! If treason were still a capital crime punishable by hanging, half the Democratic Congress would be gallows bound.

The FBI, CIA and Barack Obama all knew the alleged collusion was a hoax. The FBI knew that Hunter's laptop evidence of Biden family criminality was true but urged concealment of that fact until after the 2020 election, which changed the result. Suffice to say our federal judicial system is largely corrupt. This cloud of deep state conspirators, carefully orchestrated by the Democratic Party, FBI, CIA, and Justice Department, interfered so completely with the 2020 presidential election as to cost Donald Trump victory, and endanger national security by imposing a mentally unfit president and vice-president.
If Trump finally shakes-off Democratic lawyers and fake lawsuits, he deserves to win in 2024. He deserves to regain the presidency that was stolen from him in 2020! If Trump regains his presidency in 2024 the world will be a safer place.
John Durham's Report has shown us why Donald Trump lost the 2020 election. Only the invincibly dishonest will contest it. The question now - Do we condone treason as a path to political power?