A response to Kelly Scoles' letter:

Hi Kelly,

I will try to make this response as merciful as possible by reestablishing some facts.
You remind us that we battle inflation. Under Trump inflation was less than 2 percent. Today, after three years of Biden profligacy it's breaking 6 percent. Unemployment is surprisingly low, but surprisingly too many people don't want to work after receiving so much free government money. You don't like the tag "Biden Crime Family". How much more evidence of criminality do you require over what is being revealed from Hunter's now notorious laptop, including alleged tax evasion, money laundering, and lying on a Firearms Transaction Record? His Dad, as president, has been pimping out son Hunter to Communist China, Russia, pre-Zelensky Ukraine, and 10 other foreign nations, trading Dad's influence in foreign policy decisions, for cash. This traitorous father-son tag team has been active across the globe since Dad was a Senator, raking in millions.

DeSantis believes "transgender" people exist - as people who live in a pretend world, one that ignores scientific reality, and embraces flat-world existence. I wonder if transgender believers of the white race can trans into African-Americans and get some of that cash San Francisco has just gifted in reparations for past slavery, etc. We're talking millions here, bro. If trans folks can pretend to change their gender, why not their race? After all, "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion" is the name of the game now baby, and trans-African Americans should be entitled to some of that dough. Meritocracy is just a nuisance.

Child labor can be downright criminal. Was that true when I was 10-years-old, hoeing beans for my Dad - at 50-cents per hour, on those hot, dusty 1940s-1950s summers? I think by high school my brothers and I were pulling in a dollar per hour. But you could buy 100-pieces of bubble gum then for a dollar. Picking a sack of hulled walnuts would net $6.00. Driving a tractor paid a little better. But it's hard for today's youth to understand why those were the best days of our lives, when their lives today are impoverished with smart phones, video games, and pornography.

The real crime against children has to do with border sex slavery, when children by the hundred thousand are eased across our border alone, enslaved to the billion dollar drug cartels, with wrist bands indicating their indebtedness by involuntary servitude as sex slaves, for the duration of the debt. This was the "Big Guy's" plan.

Intentionally abandoning our national borders was Joe Biden's first move as president, just before shutting down our energy pipelines. This is why traitorous fools, like Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, should be flogged, often. Actually, he's telling the truth when he says that his department has "operational control" over the border. By that he means he is controlling the border exactly as boss Biden wants it "controlled", i.e., wide open to spawn millions of new Democrat Party voters and achieve an eternal Democrat majority in the country. Just following orders.

You say, "The wall didn't work"?!! It was deliberately abandoned, with paid-for parts rusting on the ground, awaiting final assembly. This was a deliberate betrayal of the Presidential Oath of Office to defend and protect. Kelly, when our discussion involves erroneous alleged "facts" it's hard to come to a satisfactory conclusion.

I doubt Joe Biden will finish his first term - and that terrifies me! At least he now pretends to be president. What the hell are we going to do when that giggling airhead Kamala has to control those nuclear codes, and it's her turn to play Commander in Chief in the face of our grinning enemies? Even that stalwart Obama henchwoman, Susan Rice, has scurried away down the ratline.
Kelly, it's time to pray like you believe in God.