A response to Kelly Scoles' letter:

Hi Kelly,

I am perplexed by your letter this week. Your broad and ambiguous allegations make it difficult to respond. Again, we are so apart from a factual understanding of the issues, we seem to be talking around each other. Allow me a quick summary.
"Breakback Republican Politics"? Are you associating Republicans with homo-cowboyetes? I don't get it. Tim Miller's name didn't ring a bell before, but I found him on Harper Collins. He's revealed as a Trump turncoat, a loser. I'm not impressed. The "expected red wave" was a big disappointment for conservatives, but understandable as part of the 2020 full-court Democratic fix and the cover-up of Hunter Biden's laptop.
You dwell on political allegations of a sexual nature, focusing on Trump. But this sort of stuff seems much more deeply rooted in Democratic Party history than Republican. Let's refresh our memories: I won't go back to FDR and Lucy Mercer Rutherfurd, let's start with John F. Kennedy - Marilyn Monroe, and 10 others; LBJ - Madeleine Duncan Brown; Bill Clinton - Gennifer Flowers, (et. al.) and let's stop with Joe Biden (don't know whether he got beyond hair sniffing, but Hunter certainly did).

It appears to me there are too many historic Democratic pots to justify citing Republican kettles, so it's reasonable to avoid attacking Trump for "consorting serially with women not his wife..." And, as for "alleged criminal conduct, or attempted insurrection..." I know of no criminal conviction or proven "insurrection" (Capitol tapes show this to be otherwise). Odd that you would describe his base as "smitten" by his example, or "endorsing the Party into a pink stream" rather than red wave. Trump's supporters stick with him because he is a strong and accomplished leader, respected by our enemies in particular.

Kelly, I always thought of Johnny Mathis as a flake. If Trump is the "pseudo-Christian sham-populist demagogue" you say he is, I'm sure a Johnny Mathis song would be unappealing to him. He would welcome a real cowboy musical masterpiece, Ghost Riders in the Sky, by "Old Leather Lungs" Vaughn Monroe. From a boy of 10 I've loved that song. It sold a million in 1949, a song I could "see" on a quiet summer day on the ranch, standing at the edge of a bean field, gazing over a huge windbreak of eucalyptus trees at enormous cumulous clouds above distant hills. It was an impression fixed forever of what is most magnificent about America - peaceful freedom; or so it was.

I can't hide my disgust with all things Woke, Progressive, or attached to the Democratic Party. How sacred were the days of our Judeo-Christian past. How I miss them. Despite all of her imperfections, no other place on this Earth can compare with America in its goodness.

Today, Biden, Democrats, and their greedy minions have already given away our land to nearly 7-million illegal aliens, from 171 foreign nations - that continues unabated! Woke traitors have wasted America's honor, and perhaps her future.