An ambling response to Kelly Scoles' letter:

We live in quasi-apocalyptic times when revelations of civilization-ending challenges are commonplace. The issue is simple, but the scene is complex. The forces of evil seek to dominate and destroy what is good. In traditional Judeo-Christian language, the friends of Hell are manifesting their power against the eternal forces of Heaven, the Orcs versus the Angels. This month provides a rich snapshot of the battlefield.

You're not going to hear such talk from a typical 21st century secular news or opinion source. But you hear it here from Fillmore's nano press because, as this old man nears the eternal jumping-off point, knowing the truth is all important, especially in venues where truth is unwelcome. Truth must expose national subversion, to gain an upper hand - which is now slipping.

Yep, I guess this is a form of preaching, and I'm neither priest nor preacher. But in today's lunatic world there is no safe middle ground; we must take sides, we must decide for the truth, for the good. The survival of our civilization depends upon it.

Sorry for the lengthy preamble, but I thought it helpful to answer Ms. Scoles' letter, because the firing of Tucker Carlson, for me at least, leaves more questions than answers. I wish the details were publicly disbursed. In any event, the damage was horrendously excessive. I can't believe Dominion suffered that amount of damage. It sets a devastating precedent within our reasonable First Amendment expectations. However fair damages were due here, this amount is unconscionably excessive - as though they were intended to exterminate the company itself.

The outcome of this case does nothing to change my belief in the fact that the 2020 presidential election was overwhelmingly rigged by numerous moneyed organizations. Some conspiracies turn out to be true, as this one will. None of my concerns about the facilitation of fraudulent vote counting and massive election interference have been assuaged. We have no access to specifics concerning those professional demonstrations of Dominion computers shown to be vulnerable to fraudulent manipulation. Show me the refutations!

But the growing, irrefutable evidence of massive fraudulent machinations at work during the 2020 election can be clearly seen in the Hunter Biden laptop cover-up, by the FBI, et al.. Recently, Chairman of House Oversight Committee, James Comer, is uncovering massive evidence of unlawful financial dealings by Biden family members with China, Russia, Ukraine, and a dozen other foreign nations. "Analysis of Hunter Biden's hard drive shows he, his firm, took in about $11 million from 2013 to 2018, spent it fast. NBC News." The depth and breadth of the Hunter Biden cover-up scandal is too huge to summarize here. The Never-Trumpers had their way. Hiding the truth about Hunter's hard drive tipped the election to Biden; an avalanche of co-conspiratorial activity (federal and domestic) buried it. Mark Zuckerberg's unprecedented $400,000,000 gift to Democrats (that’s FOUR HUNDRED MILLION dollars) greased the scheme.

The essence of this unparalleled Joe Biden scandal is this: Research has shown, had American voters known that the Hunter Biden's hard drive data was real (that Bidens are criminals), and not Russian propaganda, as alleged by 51 former intel leaders in a public letter weeks before the election, Donald Trump would now be president, and our fiscal, foreign policy, energy, border and national defense emergencies would not have happened! "A former CIA official testified that then-Biden campaign senior adviser, now-Secretary of State Antony Blinken "played a role in the inception" of the public statement signed by [51]current and past intelligence officials that claimed the Hunter Biden laptop was part of a Russian disinformation campaign. This was a massive lie, and NONE of these "officials" had any knowledge of the lap-top data.” Sound a little conspiratorial?
The Dominion settlement is devastating to FOX News, but insignificant compared to the national security threat we now face due to Biden criminality. We have been betrayed by a criminal president and his army of foreign and domestic co-conspirators. America's global status as defender of democracy is now virtually lost due to our criminally compromised president.

I deeply regret the loss of Tucker Carlson on FOX; it reduces my source of trustworthy news. And as I witness our Republic's future being shaped by infectious atheistic enemies, China, Russia, and North Korea, Joe Biden's treachery may soon cause the loss of that Republic which Benjamin Franklin told us we had, "If you can keep it."
"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14.

P.S. Bud Light is the beer of sissies.