The whole Fillmore community was shocked to hear that its Boys & Girls Clubs were to be shut down, immediately, with no warning or explanation. After all the financial and voluntary support we have provided to this club over the years we deserved, at least, a professional explanation and a little advance warning. A thorough investigation of the club’s staff and books is warranted. This is, after all, a national organization. The president should be fired if he is anywhere to be found.

Now, how do we resurrect an activities club for our youth to replace the defunct B&G organization? Send in your ideas.

* * *

Hundreds of Fillmore residents can breathe a sigh of relief now that FEMA has postponed the approval of its latest flood map. Homeowners in the flood plane can now put-off buying insurance until 2012. I just hope we don’t have a 200-year flood in the meantime.

* * *

I posted an exceptionally good article from American Thinker on our website ( at the Government page. It’s entitled “Anatomy of a Failing Presidency”. With all the commotion at city hall this past year I have been deflected from contributing my two-cents-worth on national politics, especially on America’s first Indonesian president. Now that our new City Manager seems to have stabilized the council majority, and brought professional order to city affairs, I hope to express a few opinions about the nation’s misdirection. In the words of someone I deeply respect, “America is dying.” We have, at the highest positions of power, public servants who deny America’s Christian heritage. We have a president who habitually bows to our enemy’s heads of state. We are spending ourselves to death; our public debt will never be paid, except, maybe, if we engage in war with the main enemy, China, and win. War seems inevitable – victory seems dubious.

I’m no longer surprised to hear, more frequently now, warnings of an American insurrection, or even revolution, spoken by some of the most respected experts on social issues. Obama and the Democrat Party radicals are threatening the basic underpinnings of our nation’s society. They reject our Judeo-Christian heritage. Seeing the weakness and inexperience of the Obama organization, our powerful and ruthless enemies are tempted to come after us. I believe we, as usual, will be totally unprepared.

* * *

Happy Thanksgiving to all; and be sure to thank God that we do not live under Shaira law.