I was born in the year WWII started, with Hitler invading western Poland. Days later Russia (thinking it had a treaty with Hitler) attacked eastern Poland. Shortly thereafter Hitler attacked Russia, etc... Not since that time has the United States faced such mortal danger as we do today. Dictatorial Russia under Putin and communist China under Xi Jinping openly threaten war against America.

Just like Italy and Japan in those days, North Korea and Iran have joined this deadly new axis of iniquity, making the scene more deadly with their new nuclear aspirations.

I should mention another thing - America is unprepared for proper defense. However, those military geniuses in the Democratic Party, Congress, and the Pentagon are thinking it might be time to restock our armaments - you know, bullets, bombs, missiles, and ships. After all, we've been credibly threatened for years by the very same type of people who started WWII, except, at that time, we were the only ones that had nuclear weapons.

Our Woke political generation is about to get an explosive, in-your-face experience with military reality - for which we will all pay dearly. We are about to learn that our military is all about killing people and destroying property as quickly as possible, not transgendering fragile platoons and assuring members of "queer" battalions that "Diversity is the force. Equity is the Goal. Inclusion is the Way. Army EEO." Say no to Gay Pride Days at Annapolis and West Point. We don't strengthen our troops with Drag Queen productions (Ramstein Air Base, Germany).

Military leaders have weakened our fighting forces by promoting the worst of Woke rot. Military recruiters are failing miserably because a majority of American men are still mentally normal and normal young recruits don't want to be associated with "queer" organizations. Bad leadership can cause deadly incidents. "Over the course of the entire Vietnam War, there were 800 documented fragging attempts in the Army and Marine Corps. By another account, over 1,000 such incidents were thought to have occurred. Between 1969 and 1970 alone, the U.S. Army reported 305 fraggings." The highly sophisticated electronic war environment we employ now does not avoid WWI and WWII fighting environments, as co-ed combat enthusiasts claim. Take a close look at the Ukraine War right now! A lot of slogging around in mud-filled trenches while dodging missiles.

Bottom line: No normal man wishes to lose his life fighting in a Woke military organization. Woke leadership can prove to be anathema to troops. Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III and General Mark A. Milley, "The Bozo Brothers," are sabotaging our military with their Woke agenda.

My anger has steered me off the point I wanted to make - US unpreparedness for the war that is now upon us.
Parts of this war are Ukraine and Taiwan. Munitions ordered and paid for by Taiwan four years ago have not yet been delivered. Without immediate corrections I believe we will lose our liberty before 2024. We have been betrayed by corrupt leadership at the highest levels.

I truly believe that our only hope to win this fight is through prayer to our Lord Jesus Christ. But we've become too sophisticated for prayer.
Ironically, prayer is anathema to our Woke leaders.