"Former President Donald Trump has pleaded not guilty to 34 felony counts of falsifying business records, after being indicted by a Manhattan grand jury last week."Nothing like this has ever happened before in American history. Trump's arrest is the culmination of an intense, unrelenting 6-year Democratic Party vendetta against him. According to the best legal scholarship (including Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz (Dem.), there is no valid basis in law for this action; it's purely political.

This is a stunning watershed moment for our country, a blatant politicization and weaponizing of our legal system, and a "last straw" moment for conservatives. From this point "equal justice under law" is dead at the hands of the Democratic Party. Reasonable people have abandoned trust in the law. This issue is as important today as slavery was in the 1850s, and Lincoln's admonition "A house divided against itself cannot stand" applies to "equal justice" as well. Our house is now deeply divided, our Constitution no longer respected by liberals and progressives, and our divided house is looking like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Democratic Party Pharisees have hounded Trump from his earliest days as a presidential candidate to his arrest today. No other federal politician has ever been treated so outrageously. Ironically, none of the notorious Democratic felons have been punished. Think of Hillary shredding 35,000 Top Secret documents (each individual incident a felony), bleachbiting servers: (the shredder functionality of BleachBit is very good. It takes either a file, Email servers, or folder and deletes it. Then, it fills the space that the file previously occupied with junk data (random ones and zeroes), so it's nearly impossible to recover any information about the deleted file.) "She destroyed all BlackBerries with hammers and removed SIM cards (all to obstruct investigations), while running Top Secret State Department business on unclassified personal servers out of her bathroom space, for years." Jul 5, 2016 “— Hillary Clinton was "extremely careless" but "no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case," FBI Director James Comey said." Just a tiny bit of Clinton felonious criminality - with never an arrest. She also paid millions to have the phony "Russian" Steele dossier created to frame Trump - again, for years. Corrupt FBI colluded to avoid having to prosecute. Hunter Biden's laptop proves he surpassed even Hillary in treasonous corruption with his dad. Never a thought of justice or national security here. I believe the die is cast for our nation's survival. Maybe Americans have become too stupid to understand the danger we face, the lean and hungry look of Xi Jinping - who is employing Sun Tzu's strategy: "The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting" all over the world.
I spend much of my time trying to keep up with world affairs these days. My negative conclusions about America's present civil and military health seem justified. Evidence shows our country has been seeded with powerful globalist, socialist and communist sympathizers, fertilized and germinated in rainbow colors, from Obama's 8-year administration. I had no idea his determination to "fundamentally transform" America would corrupt us so quickly. The speed with which he undermined the Republic is evidence of earlier corruption from the Clinton years, Democratic Party years. That approaching collapse was abruptly averted by the heroics of Donald Trump, who, in 4 short years, stabilized our economy, strengthened our military, reestablished America's authority worldwide, and made us energy-independent for the first time in 70 years - we had a breather. But, in two short years Joe Biden's crime family, with its massively corrupt, utterly incompetent, and subversive fifth column, has placed our country in grave danger again. Those leaders of the Big Five, Google, Amazon, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft, plus media, banks, education, Progressives, globalists, and the Deep State, have saturated the political scene with their treachery. Trump's choice, for many of his cabinet and other top leaders was also disastrous. Biden retained some of the worst. They proved to be back-stabbers and deeply disloyal RINOs. For example, Gen. Kelly - "The outgoing chief of staff, [Gen.] John Kelly, departed the White House with the nation’s nuclear codes hidden in his pants, General Kelly has confirmed." Then there's Gen. Mark Milley who (twice) called Chinese Gen. to say he would warn China if Trump decided to launch war against China. Milley also lied to a House committee recently, "Rep. Matt Gaetz questioned Chairman Milley about drag-related events for kids on U.S. military bases during a House committee Wednesday." Milley lied by his evasion and denial (under oath). His part in the Afghanistan surrender also enshrines him a Benedict Arnold.
Then there was [Gen.] Secretary of Defense Jim "Mad Dog" Mattis, who later bit his Commander in Chief as a turncoat. Untrustworthy team members. The list of unfaithful members is long, although there were also many outstanding loyalists as well on Trump's team.

But I've strayed from the central point, which is the imminent danger America faces under present weak, unstable, corrupt, and in my view, treasonous leadership. Even a quick look at America's present stature shows us bleeding from a thousand self-inflicted cuts. America's future is threatened, surrounded by Marxists, socialists, and globalists; all atheists, in what had been a Judeo-Christian nation for 245 years, and Christian since 1565, in St. Augustine, Florida. Our Judeo-Christian traditions and ethics have been largely waterboarded, and our military neutered by Woke Democrats and their mentally disordered transgender friends. It would take a book-long reflection to cover the multitude of treacherous Joe Biden anti-American policies, for which I have no time. The complexity of his treasonous activities demands the most serious scrutiny for which I have no space.
What I do have the time and space for is to recognize a harbinger of American military defeat if the Democratic Party succeeds in destroying Trump's opportunity to run in the coming 2024 presidential election.