A response to last week's letter from Scott Duckett:

As an 84-year-old man who has devoted half his life to publishing traditional weekly newspapers, I have to say, with surprise, this letter is the most false and malicious I've ever received, with no redeeming value.
"As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly" – Proverbs 26:11.
I thought it necessary to expose Mr. Duckett's flamboyant bigotry in his second letter. I first decided to spike it because of the provocative malice. However, at the last minute I decided to run it, convinced it was more important as an exposé of this malignant frame of mind than to dodge its defamatory content. I regret publishing it now because it is so offensive to Fillmore's large Catholic congregation. Mr. Duckett's original complaint (letter #1) concerned my March 9th statement: "No official recognition should be acknowledged for "transgenderism" because it is a scientific falsehood. Is it now necessary to explain to our scientists, educators, and the media that without two X chromosomes no one can become female, and without X and Y chromosomes no one can become male, in the normal human genome? To teach otherwise is to perpetuate a lie...." No need to double down on that fact for people who are invincibly ignorant.
Strange that the Catholic Church was never mentioned in the March 9th Realities to which Mr. Duckett first reacted so vehemently with his adolescent ignorance of both the Church - and high school biology.
Sorry I didn't have time to respond to Kelly this week. Needed to provide a final defense of my beloved Catholic Church. Will defend all others against bigotry as well.
Actually, this day dawned in a beautiful way. The fruitless Mulberry tree which I thought was dying is now covered with bright green blossoms. And my mockingbirds have returned!