My time has been cut short by unavoidable, last-minute issues this morning.
I've always thought the virtue of trust to be fickle. For me, complete trust abides only in Jesus Christ and his closest friends; all others are suspect or untrustworthy.
I wish our leaders had the same understanding. That would safeguard us from the foolishness of trusting in anything communist and all things anti-Judeo-Christian. That would also arm us with the powerful virtue of wisdom; "Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" - Psalm 111:10.
There seems to be a growing desire to halt war assistance to Ukraine which is fighting a life-and-death struggle against atheist Russia which seeks to steal their country and kill all the Ukrainian people. So far, in one year, Ukrainian civilian and military deaths are about 200,000. Russian military deaths alone greatly exceed that number, and their total loss of munitions is about 50 percent. The war is a true slaughter, while Putin's promise to render Ukraine "uninhabitable" is coming true. America must resolve to help Ukraine WIN that war by diminishing Russia. The key to this objective is consistent resupply of the best, long-range firepower, including jet planes. Putin has run out of credible nuclear threats.
Not only is the victory of Ukraine over Russia necessary for a lasting peace, it is also a profound moral obligation of America since we have facilitated Ukraine's entry into this war and sustained the effort this past year. For that reason, we cannot abandon the task in mid-stream and, with China now clearly supporting Russia, we need to fire-up our defense industries to maximum capacity.
If Ukraine is compelled to "negotiate" with Russia there will be no end to Russia's habitual aggression in eastern Europe, and no end to China's pursuit of world domination. China's aggression cannot be curtailed until it sees we have solidly rearmed. The ambiguous agreement with China about Taiwan's independence states that any force by China against Taiwan "shall" be seen as a threat to the US. China did not win Taiwan in its civil war; despite any ambiguities, Taiwan has always been an independent, sovereign nation.
So, the main reason for America to fully charge its defense industries immediately is the fact that, perhaps four nuclear enemy nations are gunning for us (China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran) while we remain unprepared, as present shortages tell us. We have been preoccupied with the Woke hoaxes of climate change, cancel culture, gender and trans issues, BLM, Critical Race Theory, diversity, inclusiveness, equity, and an unending litany of bullying Progressive initiatives so long it causes the BS buzzer to ring off the wall.
This will all end abruptly when the first communist missile lands in DC truly cancelling our culture. Then our new effeminate Woke military may be too weak to save us.