I welcome two letters this week, both highly critical of last week's Realities.

First, a thank you to Scott Duckett who strongly objects to my portrayal of "transgenderism", which surfaced from another letter from last week.

Discussions of politics and religion in polite society used to be discouraged due to heated arguments they frequently sparked. Let it be known that, personally, those two topics are favored in the Gazette and participants are warmly encouraged and welcomed. - especially when they disparage this publisher. A major way for me to learn is to be shown where I'm wrong. That being true, I'm amazed that I'm not more learned than I am! While this old dog does have trouble learning new tricks occasionally, more frequently the challenge is just remembering them.

Mr. Duckett, I would have hoped that your comments were based upon facts and logic rather than mere emotion and bigotry. The sentence that your complaints are based upon is: "No official recognition should be acknowledged for "transgenderism" because it is a scientific falsehood; without two X chromosomes no one can become female. Without X and Y chromosomes no one can become a male." That's an undisputable scientific fact, though liberals and Woksters regularly ignore logic in favor of emotion when arguing an issue. Bad science. Biological sex is a better description here, not gender.

You say, "Science has yet to discover a "Catholicism" chromosome, no evidence for a "Catholic gene." And there never will be, because chromosomes are biological entities while "Catholicism" is an incorporeal, spiritual faith. Incidentally, "Catholicism" was never mentioned in that column. Was this issue preying on your mind these many years? Relax. I don't mind your bigotry as long as you don't support those who relieve their anxieties by defacing churches and synagogues. I only say this because of this parody part of your letter: "Using your reasoning, no official recognition should be acknowledged for "Catholics" because "Catholicism" is a scientific falsehood." (Quote entirely yours).

Thanks for the "few Realities" you provided for me:
"Transgender people exist. That is a scientific fact." You then enumerate five scholastic disciplines which study this group. OK, so what?

Then you urge "But let's be real. Your flawed argument is not your own. It was made for you, at least in part, at the recent CPAC meeting...."

Honestly, Scott, I couldn't tell you anything about CPAC. As I mentioned last week, I don't pay attention to mechanical politics. Also, you scold that my “’flawed argument’ is not my own", true, I pilfered it from a thousand years of medical studies. You say "no rapist chromosome, no evidence for a child-molester gene, but the scientific fact they exist is evidenced by a trip to your local Catholic church. They are the men wearing long flowing robes, sometimes adoring fancy hats, and always claiming to be messengers of God." However, this description fits half the Biden administration members as well, and every Judeo-Christian religion talks to God.

It must have been a hell of a burden to carry around this heart-full of hate for the Catholic Church all these years. You may be consoled to learn that billions of other bigots share your concern. And I share your desire for justice against all these felons, molesters and homo-predators who hide in every religion, municipal and federal government, Hollywood, etc. Maybe we should lobby for an Edward II punishment? That was effected with a red-hot poker thrust. In those medieval times they didn't fool around. Being Woke would deserve a poke (I apologize).

I'm pleased to receive your letter, Scott, but disappointed in its content. Let's work a little on the logic, which might even sharpen your anger. Every negative criticism of the Catholic Church, (which has been around for 2,000 years) has been preceded by experts, so take your best shot.


A response to Kelly Scoles' letter:

Hi again Kelly,
You're right, too many subjects this week. I have to condense my response.

Thank you for admitting Schlapp is presumed innocent until/unless proven guilty. Please no more CPAC.

Talking of "vague, incendiary accusations"? Like years of "Trump collusion"? Years of Hunter Biden laptop denial? (Are you keeping up here?) The Biden "crime family" - again, do you keep up with evidence? A House committee is now discovering how the Bidens collected millions by selling access to our enemies, Communist China, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, et al for presidential favors. That laptop and a corrupt FBI facilitated treason.

You keep bringing up national debt. Without challenging the alleged $1.9 trillion spent by Trump, are you aware of the SIX Trillion spent by Biden during an impending recession-depression, in only two years? Have you heard about today's (Democrat) bank closures entailing hundreds of billions?

This week Russia deliberately attacked one of our drones over the Black Sea near Ukraine. Two Russian jet fighters first dumped fuel on the drone, then struck its rear propeller causing it to crash into the sea. Cost of MQ-9 Reaper ...$32 million.

This is the first public direct act of war with Russia. Technically we are at war with Russia without a declaration.

Those who want to cancel Ukraine's war assistance are dangerously foolish. It is incredibly hard to spend more money to assist Ukraine while being more than $32 trillion in debt. Read Arthur Herman's "Freedom's Forge" to understand the magnitude of sacrifice needed now - regardless of the pain. The war will continue until Russia is defeated, which Ukraine can do, and will do if NATO feeds the need. We back down at our own peril. Putin says Poland, Moldova, and the Baltic nations are next. We should recall the outcome after Poland was attacked by Germany! Though we cannot afford to help both Ukraine and Taiwan, unfortunately that must be done - and strategically Taiwan is most important.

We need to stop crying about the dearth of war munitions and get into a full military-industrial production, quickly! Our insane $32 trillion plus debt is our own fault. Our military unpreparedness places us in check. Failure to fire-up production will make it checkmate.