A response to Kelly Scoles' letter:

Hi Kelly,
I've never had much interest in the mechanics of politics. Loyalties and relationships constantly shift, driven by everything from blackmail, vanity, money, even honest changes of opinion. Here is where politicians often find betrayal, denounce traitors, and where vengeful daggers revel in despoiling reputations - like President Trump's. So, I try to avoid most of that stuff - with a few significant exceptions.

As for polls, I can't forget the polls the day before Trump beat Hillary: "the Huffington Post’s poll-based projection, which on election eve pegged the probability of Clinton’s victory at 98.2 percent. The Upshot data blog at the New York Times gave her about an 85 percent chance of victory. The Princeton Election Consortium, directed by the neuroscientist Samuel Wang, estimated Clinton’s probability of winning at 99 percent. In mid-October 2016, Wang declared on Twitter that the race was “totally over” and vowed to eat an insect on live television were Trump to win more than 240 electoral votes, or 30 votes short of the threshold for victory."

So, I have little faith in polls, and in American politics in general these days. Those "scandalous sexual accusations made by a staffer against Matt Schlapp" exemplify my disdain for political mechanics. If he is arrested, tried, found guilty and punished, justice will have been done. If found liable in a civil suit, he will pay. Do you wish justice to be done, or are you just another part of political mechanics? Is it just possible he's innocent? The Democratic Party is so strewn with the remnants of generational sexual abuse cases and accusations, are you surprised? Do any prominent Democratic politicos come to mind?

Attacks against Trump are spawning again. It would be more accurate to say they are reinvigorating themselves. No politician (particularly presidents) in American history has had his reputation so defamed (talk about actual malice) than Donald Trump. After being pilloried non-stop throughout his entire presidency by professional liars, (Adam Schiff) from Democratic leaders, every corner of the media, Big Tech, etc., and cheated out of the reelection he clearly won (evidence shows cover-up of Hunter Biden's laptop was fatal to his win). Absent any surprise screw-up, I will vote for Donald Trump. He can handle our enemies, our finances, our military, schools, and border with strength - and he knows where the traps are. My second choice, without hesitation, is Mike Pompeo; no one else comes close in experience, intelligence, competence, and strength. He has dealt face-to-face with our most dangerous enemies - China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran. As his new book title advises, "Never Give An Inch".

No official recognition should be acknowledged for "transgenderism" because it is a scientific falsehood. Is it now necessary to explain to our scientists, educators, and the media that without two X chromosomes no one can become female, and without X and Y chromosomes no one can become a male, in the normal human genome? To teach otherwise is to perpetuate a lie and reject scientific method. Let's humor those believing in "transgenderism" as long as it's not taught in schools. Let them join members of the Flat Earth Society. "The Flat Earth Society mans the guns against oppression of thought and the Globularist lies of a new age. Standing with reason we offer a home to those wayward thinkers that march bravely on with REASON and TRUTH in recognizing the TRUE shape of the Earth - Flat." After several years of inactivity, the Flat Earth Society was resurrected in 2004 and remains active today at The Society officially reopened to new members on 30th October 2009.

Hey, you "transgenderites", here's your chance to make friends with other freethinkers! Go for it! Just let me know what's under the flat disk.