I would first like to respond to Tom Somers' letter.
Thanks Tom, for making your letter short. It caused me to re-read Patti Walker's excellent letter in last week's Gazette to which you refer. She itemizes those catastrophic policies which Joe Biden has inflicted upon our now struggling republic. A little repetition here.

You admit you voted for Joe Biden, the "centrist". O.K., we all make mistakes, sometimes even potentially disastrous ones. But you seem to wallow in your errors, admitting "Yes, I DO like his policies..." However, "Logical thinking is the ability to make a rational conclusion by analyzing a situation, and it helps the human mind to make a distinction between right and wrong." I would like to ask why you agree with Biden's iniquitous policies, foreign and domestic. I use the word "iniquitous" because they may well lead to the demise of our nation; they are clearly wrong.

One saving grace prevents your admissions from being completely wrong - your support for Biden's defense of Ukraine. That's a moral imperative (seeking the defeat of evil) from a Judeo-Christian perspective.

Let me search for a valid rationale in those Bidenesque policies you like:
"A woman's right to choose" to kill her unborn baby? Monstrous act for convenience?
"Defend the Constitution" by packing the court for political purposes?
"Choose a man who would defend our democracy" by weaponizing DOJ, IRS, FBI, etc.?
"Choose a humble public servant [practicing fascist]" Utter corrupt Biden family?
"Never see Joe with a QANON button on lapel" - Chinese CCP button instead?
Biden selling millions of barrels of oil from Strategic Petroleum Reserve to China, our main enemy!

Biden (against expert advice) surrenders Afghanistan, leaving thousands of Americans behind and "Because of the negligence, the hasty and incompetent withdrawal led by this commander in chief [Biden] all of the $85 billion dollar’s worth of equipment has been"...lost to Taliban. Read: J.P. Lawrence, Stars and Stripes • August 15, 2022.

Biden policy outcomes: (3-million illegals pass through southern border); destroy Trump energy independence; feminization of military; obvious corruption (weaponizing) of FBI, CIA, IRS, etc.; Hunter Biden laptop exposing "the Big Guy's" criminality. What's to like here?!

After just finishing this week's (again excellent) Patti Walker letter, I should have deferred my Realities to her analysis, but I will triple-down instead.

Tom, despite my criticism of your comments, I thank you for finding the time to write. I value letters, especially those from folks who strongly disagree with me.


Response to Kelly Scoles' letter:

Hi again, Kelly.
As I pointed out earlier, I had to research a little on QAnon. Didn't dig deep, and remain mostly ignorant about the subject, and caring even less. Honest.

I have grown to despise the liberal "media" to such an extent, I'm a little wary of your description of me being "a professional in public information." This tempts me to respond as I might have 80-years ago: "I know you are, but what am I?" Most authorities would refer to me as amateur, a member of the redneck nano press. But I am a dabbler in "public information", making you half right.

More proof of my amateur status is the fact that I know virtually nothing about "Truth Social media" and have no contact with things like Twitter or Facebook (glad to hear he just lost $17-billion) so-called social media. And, frankly, I would rather have an Alexander the Great in office today than a shrinking violet like Joe the Witless. Alexander knew how to win wars - and adversaries answered his phone calls.

You say that I "should at least be curious about QAnon.” But curiosity consumes time, and as a nano press guy, I have very little of that. I'm more curious about Hunter's laptop and "the Big Guy" and why the Big Guy refuses to stop the multi-million-man flow of illegal aliens into our country or stop our 8-percent inflation.

Correction please: One of the oldest parts of my library has been dedicated to the Bard. You finish with Milton. No fair. As a writer of thick books and long poems he was never a favorite of dyslexics who would rather deal with plays - at least this one would.

Your thought of "waltzing" Hillary would terrify Macbeth. Truth, I had hard time learning enough Elizabethan English with Shakespeare; forget Milton. I am satisfied to know where beautiful language can still be found.