A response to Kelly Scoles' letter.

It's been from 100 to 105 degrees today making me feel like I'm 105-years old.

You give me another long list of evil ideas and activities, alleging Republicans are fascists, but in reality all are hallmarks of the Democratic Party. Psychologists call this projection, attributing to others what is true of one's self. But let's turn the mirror on Democrats.

Professor Umberto Eco's careful study of fascism is correct. Definitions of fascism have always been nebulous. "Eco grew up under Mussolini’s fascist regime, which was certainly a dictatorship, ... but not [completely] totalitarian..." He called fascism "a beehive of contradictions." It was (is) an evil idea but not as evil as Nazism. In another essay "he lists fourteen general properties he believes comprise fascist ideologies." You say Republicans do these things, like fascists. I say you should look again and see the real fascists in the Democratic Party. As a professor of Semiotica (new word for me, meaning an expert on signing) Eco would have agreed.

Your list of seven alleged fascistic characteristics are all traits of today's Democratic Party. I don't know how to avoid making this less tedious, but here goes:

"Fear of minority, ethnic and racial groups", etc. Please note that these folks are flocking to the Republican Party in historic numbers today.

"Disregard for Norms or Institutions" includes the crimes of the most notorious Democratic Party leaders in American history! (Old term "fellow travelers" should apply here to Wokesters.) Begin with the Trump candidacy, through four years of FBI fabrication and perjury; remember FBI Peter Strzok? How about this lie: "Mueller’s report is arguably the most damning document ever written about a sitting president, identifying numerous instances of obstruction of justice and clear collusion between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia." Utter lies, for 3 years! "Mueller finds no collusion with Russia." Finally the truth. Remember Former FBI Director James Comey testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee, June 2017. Again all official lies! How about CIA co-conspirator John Brennan, a liar and perjurer, and James Clapper. former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) also liar and perjurer. And, as always, little Adam Schiff, Chair of Intelligence Committee - perhaps the biggest liar in Congress. Remember how he repeatedly told the nation that he had smoking gun proof of Trump's collusion with Russia, to keep the ball rolling? All lies. He has the moral character of a pimp.

"Disregard for Norms or Institutions?" Your list reflects the loathsome habits of Democratic Party leaders across the board. They "Churn Social Frustration" with, for example, the destruction of our energy industry. Also, feminizing our combat forces by facilitating every imaginable sexual deviancy, which poisons historic moral standards, and discourages normal recruitment. Who wants to fight in a "queer" army? Democrats say to hell with traditional norms which have protected the spiritual welfare of our troops for 240-years. Then $80-billion in weapons gifted to our enemies after surrendering Afghanistan, after fighting them for 20-years! Examples of Democratic treachery and incompetence are overwhelming. You allege Republican "fascists" "imagine (without proof?) that the enemy has taken control of the country, the Deep State"? Why does Joe Biden continue to invite the world to flood through our national borders? - to date: 3 million and counting, with the stupidest man in government, Alejandro Mayorkas, running the welcome wagon. Can a reasonable man believe the extent of these activities without believing treason is involved?

I'm getting nauseous itemizing these facts. But, here's another one: Did you know that Biden has sold six-million (6-million) barrels of oil from our Strategic Oil Reserves to CHINA?! Not just the ONE million barrels as previously reported, but SIX million barrels! Why? Reserves are now low.

Then you charge Republicans with "Machismo and Militarism" including misogyny. Kelly, you and your minions know nothing about military matters, especially women in combat, an abomination. Co-Ed Combat is Krypton to all male combat organizations on earth. It's an insult to normal male war fighters to inject even a whiff of feminism in ranks. From well before the time of Joshua, down through the Spartans, Huns, et al, war demands male strength to produce peace, this natural standard has never changed - until now. Our enemies are not weaker today - but our leaders are!

Mr. Umberto Eco had his list right, but his fascists' identity wrong.