As things stand now regarding our new city council majority, it’s clear to me that a recall election would prove to be far less expensive (at about $30,000), than permitting Walker, Washburn, and Brooks to continue in office. The damage they have done to city government, city finances, and staff morale, is truly unprecedented in our history. Virtually everything they have gotten their hands on has turned to mud. Just ask any former council member for their opinion of the present council majority if you want valid corroboration of my opinion.
Mayor Walker, the only council person in Fillmore’s history to be censured for misconduct, would receive her second censure for lying about the recently exposed fraudulent RFP procedure (undertaken to hire a new, unneeded, audit firm) if two other council members were not personal friends and political cronies. The whole idea of seeking a new audit firm when our former Finance Director had just quit (under duress after 20-plus years on the job) and the budget unfinished, was preposterous, especially when heavy fines threatened any late audit submissions.

I am confident that our new City Manager Yvonne Quiring has the independence and intelligence to discover what has been happening, and to put our city government back in order. Ms. Quiring comes to us with a unanimous council recommendation. In any event, as the citizens of Fillmore wake-up, I’m confident the corrupt, disgraced, and incompetent Katzenjammer insurgency will be defeated. What good of any significance has the new council majority of Walker, Washburn, and Brooks achieved in their first year? I can think of nothing – but confusion, misrepresentation, and waste.


Don’t forget the FEMA meeting, Thursday, 6:30PM at the Veteran Memorial Bldg.