I’ll be glad when this year runs out. I don’t think I’ve ever observed so many serious problems before, and none of them have been resolved as yet.

I will repeat my welcome to our new City Manager Yvonne Quiring, and I do wish her every success. That success may depend upon recognizing the insurgents that have come to live at city hall, the ones who succeeded in running-off most of our experienced upper and mid-management without a thought about just who would pick up the pieces or how that would be done. The Katzenjammers also failed to understand how expensive their conduct would be for the taxpayers of Fillmore. I’m confident that after everything is tallied-up the new council majority will have squandered more than a half-million from the general fund.

At this week’s joint meeting held in the north Fillmore Police Storefront Ms. Quiring apologized for the fact that no RFPs (Request for Proposals) were sent out to secure a new auditing firm for the city. Quiring’s candor and quick action are greatly appreciated. This independent conclusion also confirms that Mayor Patti Walker and interim City Manager Larry Pennell lied when they repeatedly stated that RFPs were sent. This all happened before our former, reliable, auditing firm was arbitrarily kicked out. No wonder Pennell could not answer Councilman Conaway’s questions. If the council majority were not composed of dedicated Katzenjammers, Mayor Walker would be subject to her second censure.

But, stay tune; more colorful council revelations are expected soon.

So much for the new council majority “taking back our town.”


Flood insurance! Due to FEMA’s new flood map some 1,500 Fillmore residents will soon be forced to purchase flood insurance. This will prove to be a back-breaking challenge for many homeowners, as the annual cost could exceed $1,800 per year, on top of the mortgage. Everyone is urged to attend the October 21 meeting concerning this new insruance. It is my understanding that those who purchase flood insurance before December 20, 2009 can save up to 50 percent. Please check this out at city hall.


With all the trouble stirred-up by allegations of malfeasance by an Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources (now former Assistant), I would have thought things in the District would have settled-down.
Not so. Another huge contest is in full bloom over the creation of Charter School in Piru. The necessary papers have been signed and filed but last minute objections by a few Piru School teachers, and strong opposition from the District cloud the waters.

Allegations from the proponents of the Charter School accuse unnamed District and School Board officials of threatening to blackball any teacher who signs-on to the Charter School by never again employing them in the District should they leave in the future. It is claimed these sorts of threats are strictly unlawful. We hope things are quickly corrected.


Don’t miss the re-opening of the north Fillmore Police Storefront festivities Wednesday, October 21, at 4:30. Come and see what a great job volunteers have done to expand and refresh the original site.


I’m sure that Fillmore’s Central Avenue merchants now appreciate the costly new storm drain after our first rain. There will be no more flooding in the area from Highway 126 to First Street on Central. No more need for those pedestrian crossing boards to avoid the usually high water.

A big Thank You should go out to Director of Public Works, Bert Rapp, for this successful project, as well as the superb paving and curb work on Central.


Finally, thank God. It’s great to see the rain!