I have to formally apologize to our VFW this week. I was invited to a presentation dinner Tuesday and failed to make it, although I had been reminded several times and had it calendared. I am dealing with a sciatic nerve problem, took some pills, went back to the office and simply lost track of the time. Again, my apologies. I hope someone took some photos.
How’s that for hard news.
I’m happy to report that the Gazette’s emails to Interim City Manager Larry Pennell, Assistant City Manager Bill Bartels, and City Clerk Clay Westling were answered. We were looking for missing pages D-18 and D-19 of the approved 09-010 budget which was posted on the city’s website. According to Westling, who witnessed the printing of the budget, the machine got the “hiccups” when it reached those two pages. These pages provide a summary of all the salaries for all City of Fillmore employees, by name and position.

But wait! We were also FAXed D-18 and D-19, and they appear to be taken from the ’08-’09 budget – unless Fire Chief Bill Herrera has reclaimed his old position. I haven’t had time to check-out the city’s website yet.
Both the Fillmore School District office and the School Board have been extremely reluctant to provide any details concerning the disposition of issues dealing with alleged misconduct by District employee Evalene Townend.

It was reported that Towend requested, and was granted, reassignment from her former position as Assistant Superintendent of Personnel for the Fillmore Unified School District to a newly created position with an undisclosed salary.

District employees are angry that so few facts have been made available. It is hopped that full disclosure of the facts will be forthcoming very soon.

Councilwoman Gayle Washburn addressed many El Dorado Mobile Home Park residents this week at a clubhouse meeting held to discuss Measure ‘F’. This measure was promoted by the Park owners to permit condominium development. Washburn has stepped into the middle of this highly controversial situation by telling the audience that the signatures gathered to put Measure ‘F’ on the ballot were fraudulently obtained.

The Gazette has taken no stand in this controversy; however, if Ms. Washburn has evidence of fraud she should present it to the District Attorney’s office. A public accusation of fraud, if untrue, can be a civil cause of action. But in Ms. Washburn’s case, another public falsehood is just more evidence of her unethical habits.