This week I have to respond to two letters and Kelly Scoles' column.

Hello, Art Sanford Sr. Good to see you back.

Art, I can see the sarcasm steaming from your words. But let me flip them over to show my true attitude towards the individual LGBTIQA (no +?). I do in fact wish them all, "security and well-being". That is due to all American citizens under our Constitution - because America is the greatest nation on earth. "Psychological abuse", "rejection, beatings", etc. are all unacceptable under the law. But remember, these protections are not exclusive to LGBTIQA advocates. They apply to those, particularly to the young, attempting to apply their scholastic talents in the classroom. This 98% of the student body should not be misguided by adult LGBTIQA persons dressed like fairytale dandies in order to recruit youngsters to the cause.

Your sarcasm gets a little slippery in alluding to the "Marlboro Man, Rock Hudson and the original ‘G Man,’ J. Edgar Hoover." Rock was a gay man, and Edgar, under suspicion. Though both, great actors. By the way, I know no misogynistic persons, but I support the philogynists of this world, and, personally, find women to be beautifully unique, as created.

Lastly, why do radical Democrats seem to be so intensely depressed all the time?

A short postscript: You're correct in recommending that LGBT members "live their lives with purpose". That's good advice for everyone. But it's evil to advise LGBT members, or anyone else, to "avoid making the normal (i.e. white, heterosexual) uncomfortable", because stripping the sarcasm from your speech is like tripping a line of PC dominos - ending in a racist heap.

Get some help.


Hello again, Scott (Duckett).

Let's begin with some agreement in terms (words) and principles.

I think we both believe that persons should be respected - in "the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” - even though "happiness" isn't in the Constitution, it is in the Declaration. I think this means, leave us alone. Which carries into the states, and by tradition as well, into all areas of our society.

As for principles, I mean the traditions and virtues historically recognized as American, often protected by law. I have, as you suggest, looked in the mirror, and what I see is an old man initiated from youth in the moral values of my country, America. My first 19-years of life were spent on the ranch. American moral and civic ideals were taught at every level of education, in every public and private school in the nation. Our glorious history was taught unambiguously, truthfully and proudly. The dark parts of our history were not eliminated, they were explained. For example, the union forced the south to end slavery, at the price of 600,000 deaths. After decades of twisted American history textbooks by Howard Zinn, most millennials now have no credible knowledge of our nation's history.

Is LGBT a religion? You don't need an "unchangeable holy book" to create a religion. This is a widely diffuse group of people with a core spiritual base and rituals, such as "same sex marriage". It is closely affiliated with numerous religious organizations.

But the point is this: Our national public schools are not stages for the indoctrination of just any philosophy or religion. The normal limits of teaching authority have been greatly violated without parental permission. Should "advocacy groups" be exempt? How about Marxists groups, or Antifa? Black Lives Matter groups are admittedly Marxist, and anti-family, why are they OK? Again, how about Scientology (see: “Going Clear"). Is morality ever an issue? Whoever comes to speak at our schools is also coming to teach whatever happens to be in their bag of ideas. Scientology, Marxism, and LGBTQIA+whatever, are rarely parent-approved, and school boards who approve of these things should be ousted. Bottom line here: don't indoctrinate our children with your pet religious and political philosophies!

I was unfamiliar with your Deuteronomy passage, but you fail to mention that the woman is punished for "... seizing him by the private parts...". Christians have never taught this, as many other historical facts. There was one church for 1,500 years, until the 15th Century, now there are over 40,000. What's your point? There are also more than 300 religions in the world. So what? The evil of slavery has plagued the world since shortly after the Fall. Since this has long been recognized as evil, so, again, "what" to your argument? Religions and religious practitioners have never been perfect (except for Jesus Christ) - because of our free will - but for Christians there is a golden standard, the 10 Commandments.

Your mere "humanity", from a practical standpoint, is meaningless against others, totalitarian atheist, Communist and Muslim. A person may pretend he or she has "transgendered" to the opposite sex, and their friends may cheer, but when the man behind the curtain is exposed as a fraud, nothing has changed. The "Y" chromosome remains in command.
Thank God!


Next: Is Critical Race Theory -- acidicly, critically, racist?

How did this brain-dead theory suddenly come to dominate our school system? Why should we be impressed with this theory, composed by a coterie of wannabe social engineering geniuses.

Why should American citizens want to embrace this eccentric idea? Even some true geniuses have given us a number of theoretical flops, but we didn't design our entire system of learning to satisfy them. Here are a few of the " Most Famous Scientific Theories That Were Later Debunked”: 1- Fleischmann–Pons's Nuclear Fusion. 2- Phrenology.3- The Blank Slate. 4- Luminiferous Aether. 5- Einstein's Static (or Stationary) Universe. 6- Martian Canals.7- Phlogiston Theory. 8- The Expanding or Growing Earth." There's even a theory of transgendering out there.

If Einstein got it wrong after much study, why should we be so credulous to accept this destructive, amateur-hour theory?

This is another issue critical to national welfare. We have to ask, "who’s running the show?"

Some more opinion on this issue next week.