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First, a quick acknowledgement of Annette Sula's letter to the editor.
Thank you, Annette for your thoughtful opinion. This is a good time for me to reiterate the strong commitment the Gazette has to exercising its First Amendment Constitutional right to free expression. I agree entirely with you.


I'm told it's bad form to begin with an apology, but my conscience is tugging at me.
Last week I gave everyone the bird -- the wrong bird. I don't know what I was thinking about as I ended the column, but I now confess it is the "Phoenix" bird of historical acclaim, not the "Venus Bird" that will arise from the ashes to announce Trump's triumphal return.


A response to Kelly Scoles' "Second Opinion".

Hello again Kelly.
All I can say about Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-Tx) and his perception of astronomical extravaganzas is, he must have seen something on late-night CNN. I would encourage him to stick with FOX. And that's all I have to say about that.

I regret that you were disappointed about my "niggle" of Pete Buttigieg's name. But let's get real. The name of this column has been "Realities" for about 35-years (three, out of town). But I'm due some credit for refraining from other, more biting metaphors. Come-on man. He identifies as another man's wife. As such, a pretend marriage deserves a pretend pregnancy, which deserves a pretend caution. When pretend husband urges pretend wife Pete to push, don't forget the diaper for that pretend delivery! As our new Transportation Secretary, he's also a member of the Cabinet of the United States and is fourteenth in the presidential line of succession (big jump from Mayor of South Bend). But I'm convinced that, as second in succession, Kamala will be sufficiently calamitous to save Pete any anxiety about even higher responsibilities. Let's remember, we're trying to talk realities here, not pretending.

Rational people understand that pretention in national defense is an absolutely deadly mistake. Once our very reality-based, blood-thirsty, Godless enemies discover we use pretend parts in our defense system, they will attack. The Russians and Chinese know very well where the US pretend-defensive parts are -- missile for missile, ship for ship, fighter for fighter, and sub for sub. They see that "We have been weighed and found wanting". They know that our nuclear subs now lack spare parts! Worst of all, they know we have no leader; Xi, and Putin, know Biden too well, and savor only the strongest contempt for him. They know the totally corrupt Biden family, because they have facilitated that corruption for decades. (Proof? See: Bobulinski interview). And a perfectly conforming Second-in-Command, Kamala, renowned aging political floozy, is prepositioned for us by a wholly corrupt Big Tech, in collaboration with the Democratic Party, to somehow reassure us?
Conspiracies can be huge, but the idea is very simple: "a combination of two or more persons to commit a criminal act, or their legal act committed by criminal means." Treason is the "Original Sin" among Constitutional crimes. Pogo's quip (take-off from Admiral Perry) "We have met the enemy and they are us" is now painfully obvious.

Yes, I know, it's a bit much to perceive, but that behemoth ship of state is changing course, from Republic to socialist-globalist. At this point we should believe our "lying eyes," they're not pretending.

We learned today that approximately 30 Russian warships are practicing how to sink an aircraft carrier -- 30 miles off the coast of Hawaii. That's only 4-miles west of Catalina using our homeland boarder as reference. They're a long way from home. Blatant provocation; has never happened before. Could they be preparing Fourth of July fireworks for us? Probably not. They're there to demonstrate their contempt for our present military weakness and leadership. The Russians may think, "Why not scoot into Pearl Harbor, just like we moved into the Crimea Peninsula; what can they do about it?" Maybe the Chinese Navy would join them (it's now larger than ours).

Remember that peaceful Sunday morning of December 7, 1941 (I was 3-years-old) when swarms of fighter-bombers from the Empire of Japan, and midget submarines, destroyed our Pacific Fleet (except for a few carriers)? It was an undeclared act of war -- much like an undeclared biological attack would be.

Would they dare even think of doing this if Trump were still at the helm?

Got to end this, Kelly.

On election: Republicans only want secure elections -- no more fraud -- need voter ID. Never heard of Juneteenth before. Should be Texas exclusive. "Biden European visit and G-7", just more obvious contempt for the "president" from all on enemies list. Putin "A steely-eyed Fred Astaire "Putin on the Ritz"?” Gets an "A" for creativity, an "F" for reality recognition.

I'm not a gambler, but sadly, in a showdown today (right now) I would give odds to the enemy, 51 to 49 percent. Maybe trans-genderism can strengthen us?

Perhaps years of abandoning traditional Judeo-Christian virtues have made Americans too stupid to appreciate the clear and president dangers of Communism. Russia and China are very clear about their hostile intentions against America - they plan to end us.

Where is the heroic virtue of 1941?