A response to Kelly Scoles "Second Opinion".

Hi Kelly,
I think I could make more sense of most of your opinion this week if I had read it backwards. I appreciate the humor but remain a little confused about a lot of the rest.

Of course, Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX) was joking. But I would believe this possibility sooner than I would believe Vice President Harris will preserve national prosperity and security when she becomes president. Putin and Xi are licking their chops. The rest of us should learn how to duck and cover again.

You say, "We are decades into [computer] technology" hoping this (voting irregularities) will be fixed as part of the "infrastructure". Trump is correct in believing the paper ballot is much safer than (Dominion-type) computers. The simple paper ballot is free from corrupt algorithms or shifty decimals, which preordain the outcome. Slower -- so what? However, we would still have to guard against those nocturnal dump truck loads of fake ballots. But your "man" Buttigieg couldn't find a solution if it bit him on the butt.

As to that infamous Jan. 6 "insurrection", you say "there was no video of it anywhere". One of the hottest issues remains the fact that the DOJ refuses to release hundreds of hours of video footage and stills of the entire incident, this because they show substantial cordiality between rioters and police. This Capitol event was over in 4 hours (2:11 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.). "Congress reconvened to resume counting Electoral College votes at 8 p.m.". One woman was shot and killed by a (negligent) Capitol Police Officer. No civilian firearms or knives were discovered in the Capitol. No fires were started. No statuary was damaged. No deadly combat. Again, the incident lasted 4 hours -- time even to relax in the Speaker's own lounge chair. Few serious charges. Some "insurrection"!

The real scandal here is the fact that hundreds of accused participants in this incident have been jailed since that time, some in solitary confinement. So much for a speedy trial. How many BLM rioters have been charged after months of true, deadly insurrection?

As for Benghazi: this was a criminal catastrophe of extraordinary proportions with principals never brought to justice - as usual for Democrats. Remember the heroes who were betrayed, killed, and forgotten. Thanks, lying Hillary.

Joe Manchin is the lynchpin keeping the Republic's wheels rolling safely along. I pray that he remains steeled in his conviction to halt un-American conspiratorial legislation. I have to wonder, Kelly, why you would spoil your tenaciously wrong-headed opinions here by adding absolutely loony ones? Case in point: "Waiting for Godot". But, on the other hand, maybe this fits here, being part of that "Theatre of the Absurd". Beckett won fame with his nihilist "Gadot". That character, Gadot (Beckett's play), thought the world was senseless, meaningless. Joe Manchin is just the opposite. Right now, he's a true hero for stopping the power-crazy Democrats, because the world is meaningful. Like Beckett's plays, Democrats to me are usually depressing - and wrong.

Good grief! You even threw in "smug and glossy Caitlyn Jenner", getting into Republican politics. I'm stopped cold here. My opinion? I'm saddened. "Jenner [the Bruce] became the men's champion in the American decathlon event in 1974, and also broke world records during the American Olympic trials that year. In 1976, Jenner won the gold medal in Montreal with a stunning display".

Nothing new here: "The Y chromosome contains the "male-determining gene." No one can persuade me to pretend in (factual) trans-gendering. Even before the bioscience, comes my Christian faith. And I really wonder if he (Jenner) misses that manhood that brought him so much fame in his youth.

Lastly, "Relicans" are anything but afraid of Trump. You shouldn't be laughing out loud about a Trump return. More than 70-million voters are determined to see this happen. Excuse the drama if I see the Biden-Harris administration creating the flames and ashes from which the Trump Venus Bird will arise - or, maybe it'll be a Pelican!