A response to Kelly Scoles (Second Opinion).

Hi Kelly.
One great mystery that confounds conservatives dealing with liberals in general is the difference these groups have in understanding a set of facts. It's not just the difference in deciding the good from the bad, it's recognizing the real from the unreal - the realities. Liberals use a strange logic. I think that's why I named this column "Realities" 35-years ago, attempting to separate fact from fiction in political discussion.

I believe those who lie about history deserve extra duty in hell. This is not a personal attack on you, Mary, just a conviction distilled from many years of debating this earthly business. It has a lot to do with individual orientation, mine being Roman Catholic, despite its intrepid enemies. So, I don't pretend to be unbiased - my bias lies within Judeo-Christian doctrine, which respects the rule of law as long as that law doesn't violate Judeo-Christian teaching. This attitude is in complete accordance with American Constitutional law, which acknowledges God as the Giver of all our "unalienable" rights, our laws, with fairness a hallmark, and communism its enemy.

Forgive this distraction, but this all has to do with differences in logical "perception," differences between liberals and conservatives, how we interpret facts. For example, you say my disapproval of Democratic Party tactics is "ginned-up", which is to say "artificial", when I know it's truthful and well-founded. (Sorry for getting so philosophical but that's where we are.)

You say "...complete distrust of one of two political parties will destroy that democracy". It's not the "distrust" that's "destroying that democracy", it's leftist Democrats and their un-democratic tactics. This corruption is now so far along that perhaps unconventional action may be justified to set things straight again - a little like saving a kidnapped child.

You say "a certain level of trust in each other" [the parties] is required to maintain governmental normalcy. I agree, but that risky term "trust" can only work when rational, honest men agree to a truthful set of facts which justify that "trust". Those of us accustomed to living in a rich, free democratic-republican nation, are plagued by that deadly thing, naiveté, gullibility. We want to believe our communist and Islamic enemies desire the same western Judeo-Christian blessings as we do, like peace, justice, with our Constitutional (God-given) rights. But this is not true, it is a lie; they do not believe in these things. China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea seek to overtake and/or destroy our government - they each proclaim this very persistently. Islam demands "submission or death" of all non-Islamic "Infidels". Jihad has been mandated since the year 632-a.d.

You denounce "billionaires, the religious right and anti-government militias" as part of the Trump base. If facts and truth are important, we have to admit, virtually all those billionaires are leftist Democrats. Do I have to list them? Start with the "Big Five" and we're talking trillions.

Compared to Democrat-affiliated (and sponsored) BLM, Antifa, et. al., all other "anti-government militias" are only a footnote in this conversation.

Again, we disagree on basic facts. You applaud Biden for his plan to "lift the middle class and poor population ...from stagnancy". Carl Rove shows that Biden actually intends to spend $10-TRILLION in new taxes, not six. Of course, we would have to borrow that money, from communist China.

Maybe we should ask: what would happen to America if a real emergency arose after squandering that money - like a real war! Elections certainly have consequences - but so does hyperinflation.

I heard some grumbling last week about my continued reference to the stolen election. Many years ago I ran to tell a homeowner that his house was on fire - garage fully involved. I was stunned by his calm response (I suspected insurance fraud). I'm watching the burning of our nation and I see election fraud. Evidence of fraud here is simply massive - but willfully ignored.

You find Trump's economic agenda a failure. Have you forgotten in such a short period of time that he created the greatest economic surge in American history? This, at every ethnic level (an undisputed fact). His plan included border control, and energy independence. Biden killed both.

Then, you mention the notorious January 6 "Capitol insurrection," again, a problem of separating the real from the unreal. This was no more than a politically facilitated rave. No fire, no killing (except for Capital police negligence) no firearms, short duration (4-5 hours) virtually no structural damage. Police calmly guided "rioteers" through the barriers. Few if any serious charges brought. Again, complete incompetence of FBI and Capital Police. Compare this to months of true, non-stop rioting, murder, mayhem, arson against innocent homeowners and shopkeepers, at loss of $2-BILLION, courtesy of BLM, and this so-called Capitol "insurrection" is a joke. Leftist (Democratic) governors and mayors aided and abated this felonious activity all summer long.

Your comments end with: "To give up is not an option." So, this "Relican" must carry on, to help prevent "the death of the Republic," and that's another fact.