It's late (11:00 p.m.). I'm running late, and I'm tired and just got started. (This is a planted excuse for a crappy column).

Welcome back Kelly Scoles (Second Opinion). Hope you're feeling better.

This is a tough letter you've given me this week; too many parts to deal with. I'll just go down the line and keep it short.

I think both you and Patti Walker (last week's letters) aggressively stated your opinions. Of course, being conservative, I agree with Sean Hannity and "Tucky" Tucker Carlson most of the time. I believe their opinions are correct and their facts valid. It's not hard to check them out, publicly. They are both traditional, Judeo-Christian conservatives and Donald Trump supporters, as I am.


Watching Joe Biden's frenzied activity during his first months in office is frightening proof of his being utterly controlled by Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders. These two constitute the real US presidency now, wheeling our republic off a socialist cliff. In the face of unparalleled military threats from China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea, America has chosen two of the weakest, most unscrupulous individuals in US history to lead and defend us. This places America squarely into a political, military, economic, and moral crisis. The word "crisis" precisely applies now to all levels of government. Defense threats are imminent, with Russia poised and promising to invade Ukraine, again. China is threatening the same with Taiwan (which we are morally bound to assist militarily - by the Taiwan Relations Act). The act states that "the United States will make available to Taiwan such defense articles and defense services in such quantity as may be necessary to enable Taiwan to maintain sufficient self-defense capabilities"). China is beginning to block the South China Sea - an act of war - among many. North Korea is quietly building intercontinental missiles, with its Asian Bart Simpson saying, "I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it, there's no way you can prove anything", yet! As for Iran, Biden is trying to resuscitate that deadly stupid Obama-Ali agreement, guaranteeing Iran's nuclear bomb-building ability in the near future. (Iran is the world's foremost provider of terrorism.) Bottom line: the US is about to decide whether to defend its allies or abandon them. China and Russia will force that decision.

The Biden administration is cutting the military budget, when we are at a weak point and our enemies are strutting their strategic capabilities. This year will suddenly tell the story of US weakness, before Republicans can recover power.


Here, I have to break off and say a few words about the belated ballot count in Arizona. As long as any Democrat Party members have anything to do with election ballot counting I have no confidence in a true and honest conclusion. Getting states to acknowledge the numerous proven methods to discover systemic fraud in the 2020 election is frustrating. Why not try this?:

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer claimed during the hearing before the [Georgia] Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Elections that he can audit ballots through a process called "kinematic artifact detection.[millions in a very short time]" Pattern Recognition Expert, Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, testifies on Georgia election fraud raw video...." Pulitzer's machine can definitively detect fraudulent ballots, by themselves, no need to examine those Dominion machines. As for the "three prior recounts" - the first was challenged as fraudulent, the next two were a recount of the same fraudulent batch. In other words, if the accurate ballot count was 1,000, but 10,000 were counted three times, we can't say the count was fair or accurate after repeating the same fraudulent count multiple times. This is where Mr. Pulitzer's machine would have shown massive fraud.

Why did all the kings' men on the Democrat side refuse this test, and any others?

So let the Arizona audit continue, and let the other states follow. Only the guilty party would object. Until that time, the man sitting in the Oval Office is an imposter, the product of a stupendously broad criminal conspiracy. He has been officially inaugurated to office (but the ceremony was fraudulent and he is a pretender to the office). No intelligent observer can dispute the multiple mathematical proofs of fraud, and those who think otherwise must overcome the challenge: "Show us where we are wrong!" We have shown the evidence and the proofs of fraud, thus says a long list of PhDs., from such distinguished places as MIT. There are no "sissy standards" here.

The Democratic Party has always had an aversion to the spotlight of truth. They fear a high level of scientific examination of ballots, just as they feared the carefully prepared proof of fraud that lawyer Sidney Powell repeatedly offered, unsuccessfully, seeking a hearing by several courts, including the Supreme Court.
Good night!


Good morning! I'll begin again.

It may sound a tad paranoid but we are now undergoing a broad transformation from a republican nation to a socialist-globalist one, then to communist.

Our schools are morally infected with anti-Judeo-Christian programs. Our Big Media are all but unanimously behind this socialist front. Big Business and unions are in league with Big Banks to push through the socialist agenda. Who's left to save our Republic and Constitution? Apparently only a flaccid Republican Party.

The Biden cabal is spending money faster than it can be printed - or borrowed from China. If not stopped, expect ruinous inflation.

Lastly, but really most immediately important, Biden has breached the dam at our southern border. Now more than 170,000 illegal aliens per month pour freely into our country. I watched a group lowered down the border fence at night a few days ago. When caught and asked their country of origin, the reply was "Ghana” (a West African country).

Joe Biden is sabotaging America's normal population balance to guarantee millions of new Democratic Party votes, creating perpetual Democratic Party dominance by a single-party electoral system. The end of our Republic.

Look for war, hyperinflation, morally confused student bodies, church degradation, a general abandonment of historical American moral values and economic stability, producing continuing social violence. A death of common sense.

Yeah, I know, it's a bit much.