And the crowds cheered when they heard: "Former Minneapolis police officer was convicted of murder and manslaughter and could be sent to prison for decades."

I watched the last hour of the defense presentation in the Derek Chauvin murder trial as well as a half-hour of the prosecution's rebuttal. I think the manslaughter conviction was correct but never thought that the defendant should have been charged with murder, due to a lack of specific intent. The state found the defendant's conduct sufficiently outrageous to reasonably imply the necessary intent for murder. Anyway, he will be going to prison for a long time.

It looks like George Floyd's arrest and handling was correct right to the time police officers failed to ease-up when he was no longer resisting. He was a big man, 6-foot 7, and resisting three officers at first. Nine minutes later he was dead. The video was hard to watch. But I would still argue this was not murder, due to reasonable doubt as to intent.

A number of things bother me about this trial. First, the judge should certainly have ordered a change of venue and sequestered the jury - to shield the jury from halfwits like Rep. Maxine Waters' fire-breathing racism. The trial was held in the center of a highly combustible anti-defendant atmosphere. The crowd threatened to burn the place down in the event of a not guilty verdict; as we are now learning, they may do that regardless. George Floyd's family was also awarded a $27-million settlement earlier, an outrageously excessive verdict given in fear of continued criminal insurrection.

In any event justice was done, if at an extreme level. The question remains, how well will justice continue to serve the people by preventing more free-floating organized riots? As tragic as George Floyd's death is, the full-time salaried rioters are again promising more arson, mayhem, and murder against innocent citizens, shop and homeowners. Their agenda is to communize America under the pretext of fighting "systemic" racism. This goal is a lie, and the riots alone are approaching acts of systemic sedition. This is the modus operandi of George Soros, and Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Twitter, the demigods of Big Tech, and the firehouse nozzles of limitless cash flows to BLM Riotteers.

What I heard from some in the crowd following the conviction of Derek Chauvin was a sullen desire for revenge against the white man, mixed with some earnest desires for reconciliation. With those sons of Soros (above) stirring the pot, reconciliation seems to be on the back burner. Big Tech and their BLM minions are dividing and conquering America by defaming her glorious history, her Constitution, and achievements. They promote the idiocy of "reparations" for historical injustices, forgetting that 600,000 white people (and black) gave their lives to end slavery. It took our bloodiest war to finish the job - but we succeeded! It was the Democratic Party that poisoned Reconstruction and created the Jim Crow decades; straight through the 20th Century the Democratic Party was responsible for inflicting the racist policies which beat African-Americans down. These days we are rarely reminded of this because Big Tech promotes lies, edits, and "cancels" our communications. Ask (African-American) Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) about this.

So, if Big Tech, BLM, Antifa, and the riotous gangs of Grand Inquisitors continue to inflame the rest of us, it's not unlikely that "fragile whitey" may fire back in defense of life, liberty, common sense, and his pursuit of happiness - availing himself of some of those nearly 400-million arms at hand. This (depending upon circumstances) might be wrong, imperiling our Republic, but this is exactly what the Big-Enemies of our nation desire, chaos. They want to "change fundamentally" our country, from capitalist to socialist, to communist. Their dream is of a globalist, not Republican, world order. Not my words, it's their mantra.

It seems like a big jump from the conviction of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd, to Big Tech, BLM, and attempts to create the Novus Ordo Seclorum, or New World Order. But this is the truth, told from the pages of a small newspaper in the face of those glowering financial powers the world now yields to. Thank God for the First Amendment to our Constitution. This (new order) is an old idea, an idealized fiction which has caused the murder of many hundreds of millions of innocent peoples during the past 100 years alone.

Read it while you can, by defending our Republic against all enemies foreign and domestic.